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Alumat Almax Group

Alumat & Almax Mori Group is the leading European group specialized in design and production of aluminium extrusion dies (from 40 to 900 mm diam.) and equipment (Die rings, Containers, Shears, Liners, Stems, Dummy blocks and cleaning dummy blocks), as well as in the sale of softwares for extrusion processes management.

We are the technological vanguard of our market, offering customers continuous innovation to optimize aluminium extrusion and reduce its costs:

- Customized design and delivery times;

- Extrusion simulation, for decisive die trials reduction;

- Fast die correction service (remote or on site);

- Indirect presses and hard alloys extrusion (7003-7005-7020-7075);

- Butterfly Die® design: increased speed (up to 20%) with greater extrusion stability;

- Liquid nitrogen die cooling system, for high speed extrusion of hard alloys;
Solutions for excellent welding of thick sections in 7003-7020;

- Thango®: the revolutionary system for die designs digital archiving and die corrections management.

- Sambha ®: the ultimate software for the search of similar profiles within your technical archive.

Quality Management System certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Contact us now to become a game changer in your industry!

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