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vueday 2020

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Hotel San Marco

42 Via Baldassarre Longhena

37138 Verona


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VueDay.it - the International conference about Vue.js in Verona, Italy

has been postponed to

- Monday, September 14th 2020 [workshops]

- Tuesday, September 15th 2020 [conference]

This decision is related to the coronavirus - covid-19 outbreak. See below for more information.


Previous edition of vueday: 2019

The conference is organized by GrUSP, creators of events like jsDay and phpDay.

Conference day [Tuesday, September 15th 2020]

After an amazing first edition, #Vuerona is ready to welcome the awesome Vue.js community again!

Check out this year's lineup: https://2020.vueday.it/talks.html

VueDay is an international conference aimed at developers and technical manager.

Attending each year, you can stay up-to-date with Vue.js and its companion technologies development, find new partners and meet new potential colleagues.
Topics will cover dev methodologies, best practices, success cases, code quality, data architecture, modularization, performances and much more.

To attend the conference, choose a "Conference" ticket.

Workshops [Monday, September 14th 2020]

Nuxt.js - The Beginners Workshop - with Alexander Lichter, Nuxt.js core-team member.

Nuxt.js is an app-level framework for building Vue.js applications that will make a developer’s life easier. In this workshop, we will develop a near-real-life app with Nuxt.js together, from creating the project to the final deployment. More information: https://2020.vueday.it/workshops/nuxtjs-the-beginners-workshop.html

Vue.js Testing for Everyone - with Alex Jovier

Companies aim to create robust and quality products that satisfy their users needs, and as a developer you have the power to help achieving that goal. Testing takes a great part on this: it doesn't only make sure the code you're creating works, but also helps making sure the user requirements are met and to create a sustainable architecture, helping with refactoring, and much more. This workshop will lead you to learn all you need to know to test your Vue.js applications step by step and in the most practical way possible, where you will create tests yourself. By the end of it, you will be able to test a Vue.js application following best practices.
More information: https://2020.vueday.it/workshops/vuejs-testing-for-everyone.html

To attend a workshop, choose a "Workshop" ticket.

Are you also interested in Ruby?

Attend the Italian Ruby Conference, RUBYDAY! The day after vueday, in the same venue and from the same organising team. www.rubyday.it


- The tickets are not refundable.

- Please note that tickets for the conference and for the workshop are sold separately, and that the tickets are not refundable.

- If you are a student, or you need to buy multiple tickets (at least 5 tickets of any kind) mail to info@grusp.org for a discount.

- We have a SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME: you can apply for a free ticket if you are a member of under-represented groups in technology - women, minorities, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, or other under-represented groups.

- The tickets are nominative: you can change the name on it until a week before the event.

- INVOICING: you'll receive an email with the instructions after the purchase.

The conference was scheduled for April 3rd 2020. On March 4th 2020 we decided to postpone it.

These are the factors we took into account.

The virus is still spreading, not only in Italy. And even if we think (and hope!) that the situation will probably stabilise in a month from now, we still prefer to make the most responsible and precautionary choice. What the local and sanitary authorities are asking everyone is to help contain the spreading of the virus, trying to limit travels and gatherings of people.

We believe that a conference like vueday should be a chance for people to meet and enjoy, learn from one another, share ideas and experiences. We are afraid that the concerns about coronavirus could affect the general atmosphere and the event experience.

Many countries are limiting the connections with Italy, and that would make difficult for both speakers and attendees to take part at the event.

We preferred to reschedule as in advance as possible, in order to enable all the people involved to change their travel plans (if already done) or to not make them.

Despite the inconvenience that the postponement of the conference may cause, we believe it is the right thing to do, and we hope you'll agree. Thanks for your comprehension!

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Hotel San Marco

42 Via Baldassarre Longhena

37138 Verona


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