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Eventbrite is a robust event management software that will help you manage ticket sales, promotion, information collecting and more for your event. An effective event management software is practically a requirement for sophisticated conferences and corporate events.

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Eventbrite Helps You Manage Your Live Experiences

Eventbrite provides cost-effective event management software to help businesses organize and sell tickets to events online-while helping people discover events that fuel their passions.

Using Eventbrite is Free for Free Events

It's free for organizers to use Eventbrite if you're not charging for tickets! There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees. If you’re charging for ticket sales, our fees vary by package.

Eventbrite's Event Management Software

Eventbrite is easy to use and our user interface is clean and intuitive. Not only is Eventbrite available online on desktop computers, we also offer easy mobile access for event managers and attendees.

Mobile event apps are almost expected today. They help attendees feel confident, connected, and informed at the event. Offering one at your event, however, isn’t a surefire path to success.

Eventbrite Features Include:

  • Ticketing

  • Attendee Management

  • Badge Management

  • Registration Management

  • Social Promotion

  • Surveys and Feedback

Events are inherently social. Ideally, event management solution to help inspire your attendees to socialize with one another and make those interactions more impactful.

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How Event Management Software Helps Planners Organize Successful Events

Event management software lets you send invitations and track RSVPs and ticket sales all in one place.

Spread the word about your event with an online event listing and social media tools.

Mobile event management apps get attendees in the door faster with on-site ticket scanning and check-in.

Eventbrite Spectrum

Discover extensions of over 100 applications and services you can connect to Eventbrite that will make your life easier and your events even better.

Eventbrite Extensions That Will Make You More Productive

As an event organizer, your team is constantly juggling multiple time-sensitive tasks. And if you waste your time manually entering data or exporting spreadsheets, you’ll not only lose money — you’ll be left behind as more tech-savvy organizers develop streamlined workflows.

To help you stay ahead, Eventbrite offers over 100 extensions to make you more productive and what makes Eventbrite an amazing event management software solution. Here are some of the most effective productivity-boosting Eventbrite extensions available, so you can use your time focusing on what matters: planning an incredible event.

Eventbrite's Event Management Software Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily send personalized, targeted emails

  • Expand your reach and sell more tickets by posting your event to Facebook

  • Manage all of your event’s social media accounts from one dashboard


Email is any event marketer’s most powerful tool, but creating email campaigns can be a painful and time-consuming process. With MailChimp, marketing to potential event-goers has never been faster and easier.

The tool allows you to send personalized, automated emails that help you sell tickets. If you’re already using MailChimp, you can sync it directly with Eventbrite to send customized emails to targeted email lists.


If you never ask your attendees for feedback, how will you ever know what’s working (or not working) at your event? Thanks to SurveyMonkey, you can easily survey attendees to gauge their expectations before the event, and measure satisfaction after.

The Eventbrite extension allows you to seamlessly integrate with event templates and import guest lists with a single click.

Facebook Official Events

60% of people discover events through their News Feed — that’s easy (and free) promotion you don’t want to pass up. By creating a Facebook Official Event using Eventbrite’s Publish to Facebook tool, you can expand your reach by showing up more on Facebook’s search and News Feed recommendations. And with our Buy on Facebook feature, you can sell more tickets by letting event-goers buy tickets to your event without having to leave the site.

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Manage Smarter with reports and data at your fingertips.

Track sales information in real time from any device with 24/7 access to more than 15 different reports and chart views.

Go mobile. Use the Eventbrite Organizer mobile app to scan and sell tickets and track entry in real time.

Save time with our seamless integrations with over 100+ tools you already use, like Facebook, Mailchimp, and Salesforce.

Bring Your Event Brand to Life on The Web

Whether you’re running multi-day music festivals or a world-class business conference, your event needs to stand out from the competition and express its unique brand online. With Eventbrite you are able to control your branding when creating an event page.

How Your Online Presence Influences the Decision Making Process

You need to understand your attendees' decision-making process. When an attendee discovers your event on the web they will evaluate your event from either an emotional or rational mindset. Here’s how that looks at each stage — and how to supply the answers your attendees need.

There are 3 stages that you will need to address with your event page.

  • Discovery Stage

  • Consideration Stage

  • Decision Stage

Discovery Stage

When someone first discovers your event, they're looking for emotional clues that your event is worth attending.

These clues include:

  • Logos and branding

  • Images

  • Taglines and headlines

  • Event details and description

  • Social proof

Consideration Stage

Once they’ve emotionally connected with your event, your attendee will begin to rationalize their interest — can they afford it and will it fit into their schedule?

They’ll be looking for:

  • Location

  • Date

  • Time

  • Ticket and registration price

  • Frequently asked questions

Decision Stage

After an interested event-goer has bought into the idea of attending and rationalized their choice, they’ll take the next step in the process: purchase a ticket or register for your event.

Eventbrite's provides the two tools you need to make this purchase happen.

  • Call to action

  • Ticket purchase or registration form

If a potential attendee can’t find your call to action easily, you risk losing their interest at a critical time.

Once someone has decided to buy, don’t let a frustrating purchase process make them second guess. Studies have shown that each step in the checkout or registration process will lead to a 10% reduction in transactions.

Powered three million events in 2017

Eventbrite is the world’s leading event technology platform.Hundreds of thousands of organizers use Eventbrite's event management software to boost ticket sales, promote and manage events, handle on-site operations, and analyze results across multiple sales channels.

Let’s grow together.

Eventbrite powers ticketing and online registration for millions of events each year. Join hundreds of thousands of event organizers using our online registration solution. As always, we're free for free events!

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    Simplify your planning

    Create a 100% mobile-optimized event page and start selling tickets in minutes.

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    Grow your event

    Grow faster with Eventbrite’s built-in event promotion and social sharing tools.

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    Manage your sales

    Manage smarter with 24/7 access to data, reports, and check-in tools on any device.

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Grow your event every year.

Drive additional sales through Eventbrite's marketplace.

Promote your event with free tools like custom email invitations, built-in social sharing, and targeted event recommendations.

Sell tickets anywhere, including on your site, and with our official Facebook events integration.

Getting the Most Return Out of Your Event

Here are 6 points to always keep in mind when planning an event

  • 1.

    Invest time and resources

    At the end of the day, the quality of the content is up to you. Go the extra mile and provide additional value beyond what your attendees are expecting

  • 2.

    Engage Your Audience

    Events are inherently social. Ideally, your technology will inspire your attendees to socialize with one another and make those interactions more impactful.

  • 3.

    Build an App

    Event apps should never be an afterthought. Your app should be part of your overall strategy — not just an additional delivery channel for your content.

  • 4.

    Contagious Satisfaction

    75% of event attendees identify themselves as having a ‘strong interest’ in networking. So give your attendees the opportunity to connect.”

  • 5.

    Immerse Your Attendees

    Live polls and real-time Q&A transform your attendees into active participants and truly immerse them in the event experience.

  • 6.

    Encourage participation

    Pick the right sessions, any format that invites people to join the conversation.

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