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Partner di distribuzione — Ideale per Musica

To help you sell more tickets, we make your event available to popular websites and apps, including Bandsintown Concerts. Bandsintown lists and helps promotes select music events, helping Eventbrite organizers reach new audiences. Your attendees pay exactly what they’d pay on Eventbrite, and there are no extra costs to you. 

Learn more about Eventbrite distribution partners here:

What if my event isn't automatically showing up on Bandsintown?
Bandsintown is curated music destination, and it's fully up to Bandsintown algorithm as to which events get automatically added based on the the artist(s) playing at an event and other details.  In the case where an event isn't automatically showing up on Bandsintown, venues and promoters can add and edit their events directly in Bandsintown by following the instructions here: