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World Complexity Science Academy

WCSA is a social and cultural no-profit organization committed to the diffusion of scientific knowledge inspired to the systemic approach.

WCSA is a meeting place for scholars from very different disciplines inspired by the systemic approach. The diffusion of the Systemic Approach is meant both as a peculiar interdisciplinary paradigm and as an applied toolkit. This approach strategically faces the main global challenges of our times.

WCSA offers its scientific and intellectual vision of the key challenges of our times to keep humankind evolve and empower by enhancing the Human Person chances and dignity. Systemic Science is the key toolkit allowing the HP to evolve by browsing the global platform which features our planet and its catalogue of memetic ideas, chances, models, maps etc: so that each HP might evolve at their best and at their highest speed.

WCSA believes the systemic approach is pivotal for intensive and high added value knowledge sharing on a global scale as we all enterpreneurs, professionals, scholars and policymakers can cooperate, as world citizens to facilitate the free circulation of intellectual and strategic capitals.


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