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Silvio Olmeo

Born and raised in Sardinia, I started travelling at the early age of 13.

My first trip was to Rome and I fell deeply in love with the city. I started understanding the uniqueness of being italian and the responsability that we carry coming from a country with such amazing history, traditions and culture.

The second time I left my beautiful island to experience the rest of Italy was when I flew to Tuscany. I touched base at major cities like Florence, Siena, Pisa and there I understood the potential of our country - its richness, from the crazy gestures to the variety of food that you can find, and our language, the most popular all over the world.

At the age of 18 I moved to England to learn english and to understand the perceptions of others of us Italians: ambassadors of art, music and food.

I spent a year working and wondering in London, then suddenly I changed plans and moved to Venice.

Venice is where my heart found peace, and it is the city that teaches you many things, from the real Dolce Vita lifestyle that we are famous for, to enjoying every moment of your routine - there is no rush hours in the tube or getting stuck in the traffic.

No cars, no mecanical noises; just kids laughs, lovers walking and the sound of "ciaccole", chats of the Venetians on the street. A vibrant city with a mysterious maze that takes you everywhere you want to be, its canals will drive you to the atmosphere of this magical city.

Here I decided to stay and start my experience of offering to people the knowledge I've acquired during my years living in Venice, 10 already in this amazing city, discovering new spots and breath-taking experiences.

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