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Shoppi Rent, Team Leader Massimo Carlo Alberto Rossi

Massimo (Carlo Alberto) Rossi

COO, Co-founder at Shoppi

London, United Kingdom

I am a tech-entrepreneur with over 30 years' experience.
I have a solid retail background; I came from a wealthy Italian family active in manufacturing that has worked as a supplier for over 300 stores in Italy for three decades. 
I have co-founded Shoppi to help local companies spot their quality over pricing.
I have taken the role of COO in Shoppi because I am well-experienced since I have opened in the early 90's a small computer retail chain then closed due to the rising of malls. 
I am a pioneer of eCommerce because I have opened my first company online store in the 1999 and I am still fascinated by the potential of eCommerce.
I have a deeper understanding of financial risks in a company, and during my entrepreneur career, I have managed significant capital.
I am passionate about Automotive, Politics and Music.
I am currently involved full-time with Shoppi.



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