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Jove • A Lean In Circle about the JobYouLove

Jove is a Lean In Circle about the JobYouLove based in Milan, that empowers women to achieve their ambitions on every stage of their professional lives.

Every month we meet to learn, discuss and grow together in the following areas of interest #OwnYourPassion: or how to be authentically you, #LandTheJove: personal branding tutorials to help you land the JobYouLove, #BreakTheCeiling: techniques to overcome the pay gap and other gender biases at work.

Women are asking for more, stepping outside their comfort zones, and leaning in together with men thanks to LeanIn.Org and LeanIn.Org/Together

OwnYourPassion • LandTheJove • BreakTheCeiling @ Jove • A Lean In Circle about the JobYouLove

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