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Forma Sideris

Forma Sideris—a Latin phrase that refers to the many-pointed shape of a star—is a space to have guided conversations about things that so delight and inspire us that we want to share them with you. It is a space to discuss books and exhibitions that have left an impression, beautiful images, meaningful encounters with historical figures, places that have left an indelible mark, and magical realizations borne out of collaborations with other creative souls.

Most of the topics will center around Italy and its art, literature, culture and history. No prerequisites, except curiosity and an open mind.

Forma Sideris was founded by Alexandra Lawrence, an expert in the language and art of Italy. Based in Florence, Alexandra is a lecturer of art history and contemporary Italian cultural studies, and is an accredited guide for Italian museums and archeological sites. While completing her graduate work in Italian Language and Literature, she concentrated primarily on writers and poets and their relationship to the visual arts.

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