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European Fashion Heritage Association

The European Fashion Heritage Association was established in 2014, following a successful project co-funded by the European Commission, in which for the first time both public and private archives and museums across Europe gathered together to share online their rich fashion heritage of historical clothing and accessories, contemporary designs, catwalk photographs, drawings, sketches, magazines, catalogues and videos. Since then, the Association has grown attracting more than 40 European fashion institutions, from small private museums to large national institutions, with the objective to unlock and give free access to the unique and vast fashion heritage of Europe. We believe that this growing network we have created will strengthen our understanding of national and international identities and help us in finding a definition of our European identity, unlocking the full potential of sharing our common fashion heritage for creatives, scholars and fashion lovers alike. The Association operates also in the broader landscape of European digital cultural heritage, contributing as fashion thematic aggregator to Europeana, the EU funded initiative that brings together and gives access to millions of digital heritage objects coming from cultural institutions all across Europe.

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