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Europe Project Forum Foundation - EUPF

The Europe Project Forum Foundation is an independent international organization committed to promoting the participation of civil society to achieve the objectives of Europe 2020 – the EU’s growth strategy for the coming decade – valuing the professional role of project designers and managers.

The EU.P.F., aimed at creating a network of value euro-project designers and managers, aims to use more effectively the full range of Community policies and instruments to achieve the objectives of Europe 2020.

The E.U.P.F. manages the European Register Of EU-Projects Designers & Managersthat includes over 3000 professionals across Europe.

Exchange of good practices, benchmarking and networking – as promoted by several EU governments – has proven useful in creating a sense of ownership and dynamism around the need for reform.
The responsibility for action does not stop with governments.

Everyone is needed to achieve the Europe 2020 goals:
 trade unions, 
non-governmental organisations,
individual citizens.

The E.U.P.F. network has more than 20 national contact points across Europe.

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