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David Papini

Greatness Guild co-founder

Born in Florence in 1966 just few months before the deluge (that is a kind of destiny and a Jackson Browne song I love), living in Milan.

Started working with non-profit organizations then software developer, technical trainer and executive in national and multinational environments, moved from managing machine systems to trying to help human beings’ systems.

David helps organizations, teams and individuals to create the culture they need to succeed fruitfully.

Published books about emotional intelligence and teams. Most recent are “The taste of emotions” (2013) and “Create agile and successful groups with NLP and Core Protocols” (2015)

A certified SCRUM Master with a background in psychology, IT industry certifications (MCT, CTT+, and MCSE), NLP Counselor and SCCM Certified Positive Psychology Coach, member practitioner of the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and member of SCRUM Alliance regularly speaking at gatherings, currently teaching at University of Bergamo’s Master in Integrated Psychomotricity and consulting for IT firms. Co-founder and member of the Greatness Guild, focused on developing healthy team performance’s culture. Coordinates the Italian peer coaching community at and is member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Affiliate Member, IOC, at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate.

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