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Agriturismo and Guest House

The Agriturismo da Sagraro estate is 40 hectares wide: most of it is mainly planted with olive trees (800 trees, some of them are centuries-old trees) and vineyard while the rest is arable or covered in wood. Pigs are bred in the wild as well as courtyard animals: geese, guinea-hens, chickens, ducks and rabbits.

Our dining room was the ancient farm workers’ house: its origin is not certain but it probably dates back to 1576, the year that we can still read, carved in Roman numerals, on the stone outside the small window on the left side entering the house. Sonia’s nice liveliness and Fabio’s kind helpfulness welcome the guests and make them feel at home; they propose the season products and offer them a careful and attentive service. The kitchen is open on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday both lunch and dinner.

Flats are available all year long.

Our Wines:

  • Tai Red
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Rosso Quercia 
  • Sparkling White Muscat

Our Olive Oils:

We produce high-quality olive oil, exclusively through mechanic processes.

  • Delfo: Extra virgin olive oil Veneto PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).
  • Laudo: Extra virgin Olive oil

Our Cousine

Our typical dishes are the guinea-hen with olives, the Tarassaco pie (the Tarassaco is wild radicchio) and the apple and white meat risotto. Mrs Severina mainly uses our farm products in her recipes: these are a guarantee for the traditional and home seasonal cookery.

Our cakes are usually homemade and are soft cakes without cream: they range from apple pie, nut pie, chocolate cake, seasonal fruit. 


The house estate has four detached flats, with single or double bedrooms, en-suite and with a kitchen furnished with pots and pans, cutlery, plates and glasses.

Our house is located on a scenic viewpoint of the the Berici Hills, from where you can see in the distance the Euganean Hills as far as the Venice lagoon.

In each flat you can find: towels, sheets, blankets; broadband connection, washing machine. Breakfast is served in the flat.

The “Teaching Farm”

The Da Sagraro teaching farm—born in 2001—is our latest offer. Sonia and Fabio—that’s us—run it.

Our educational itineraries are:

  • From Grapes to Wine
  • From olives to oil
  • Discovering the ancient plants in the wood
  • The Orienteering Itinerary

Our itineraries are not only aimed at children or young students but also at adults who wish to spend a day in the open air.

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