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D2-DALQUADRATO • A Lean In Circle

Diversity is a key to success, generates value, has potential – let’s unlock it together!

Why join D² • A Lean In Circle?

We aim to create a community for sharing experiences and challenges regarding diversity in our professional or private life. Our members leverage the diversity of their backgrounds, competencies, career & life stages through informal exchange and peer coaching.

Meeting once a month, each time we set a focus on one aspect ore question around diversity and work on it together discussing theoretical background from research, sharing experiences & applying peer coaching techniques. So if you are interested to join an open discussion and eventually share a good glass of wine and some snacks, you are welcome!

What do we talk about?

#Diversity #InternationalTeams #BeDifferent #CulturalDifferences #Motivation #Partnership #Family #Character #Personality #Abilities #Experience #Learning #Listening #Sharing

Diversity is something good. At work diverse teams are more successful, at home partners with different personalities complement each other, we travel to experience diverse countries, cultures and people and feel enriched. However sometimes challenges are stopping us – diversity might require courage and energy, create misunderstandings, let us feel uncomfortable… What can we do to change that?

D² • DALQUADRATO is an independent organization, affiliated with LeanIn.Org, which works closely with Lean In to further its mission, and is licensed by LeanIn.Org to use the “Lean In” name.

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