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Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile

Ciaramiti Retreat -Casa Meraviglia


Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile (Aura Sustainable Development) helps to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future. We are specialised in personal and social cultural transformation. We are committed to help people and communities to see from the whole, experiencing this level above all separations, divisions and fragmentations, and to act from the whole with love.

The mission is to create the conditions that will enable individuals and communities to unleash their human potential, thereby increasing what all can do and become, enabling whole systems transformation. We offer learning experiences and facilitation in the fields of personal, spiritual, social and cultural transformation. We are specialised particularly in the inner path of consciousness of the person and how to experience and act from a deeper level of consciousness.

Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile encourages sustainable development and is dedicated to improve the quality of life of communities in harmony with the beauty of nature. We sustain collective leadership capacity, emotional and spiritual intelligence, related to innovative sustainable actions and organisational culture.

We are an international network of facilitators, trainers, counsellors, coachs and consultants, entrepreneurs and professionals, who are all committed to sustain consciousness first of all in ourselves and in leaders, with our capacity to experience at the same time the reality of the outer world and the reality of the inner world within ourselves. The education and learning is experiential and transformative.

We are actively engaged in researching new ideas and openly collaborating with other groups, agencies and consultants who share the same goals.

Italiano/ CIARAMITI RETREAT è un posto magico, immerso nella natura, in un parco di 6 ha, con un'immensa vista sul mare, di fronte a Stromboli e alle Isole Eolie, per incontri di riflessione, ispirazione, condivisione e pace, sui temi profondi della vita e del senso della vita. Siamo a 4 km da Tropea in Calabria. L'aeroporto è Lamezia Terme. E' un'azienda agricola biologica.

English / CIARAMITI RETREAT is a magic place, surrounded by nature, with a spectacular view on the sea/ocean, in front of the volcano Stromboli and the Eolian Islands, for small meetings about the deep meaning and issues in life. Reflection, inspiration, sharing, peace and nature. Tropea, South Italy, is 4 km from us. The airport is Lamezia Terme. It is an organic farm.

Deutsch/ CIARAMITI RETREAT ist ein magischer Platz, wo Natur, Schönheit, Stille, und Frieden herrschen, mitten in einem Park von 6 ha mit einer phantastischen Aussicht auf das Meer, gegenüber vom Vulkan Stromboli und den Liparischen Inseln in Kalabrien, Süditalien. Es ist ein Ort für Reflektion, Inspiration und Zusammensein über die tiefen Fragen des Lebens und des Sinns des Lebens. Der Flughafen ist Lamezia Terme. Es ist ein biologischer landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb. 

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