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Angie Claire - MDP BElife

Life Expert & Mentor. Spiritual Teacher. Business Executive Coach AILA. Energy Science Healing Specialist. She has special experience in overcoming difficult situations. Expert in emotional management, will-power and resilience development.


The Continuous research of universal Truths; her all life team working training. Extreme Life experiences; courage; awareness; long intutive solitary journeys, + 20 years of studies and research, testing a dozen of transformative systems, have made of Angie, a unique integration of experience and expertises.


Her priority is to help people to grow according with thigher level of consciousness and universal values, which immediately improve  the quality of personal and professional life. To make people understanding that everything can change, by results. That everyone can make the difference, in their own life, and all around.


Certified Representative in Europe of the 2 Institutes founded by Master Del Pe: the BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), and the American Institute for Leadership Advancement (AILA), headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA.  

Directly trained by Master Del Pe in Houston, TX, USA, Asia and Europe, she traveled with him for more than 7 years, attending over 40 specialized trainings, and obtaining certifications in different areas of expertise, such as:

  • BEinshape: life balance, vital energy increment, better decision-making.
  • DABSEM: anxiety, depression, sleep problems, burnout and compassion fatigue energy management.
  • Will-Power Development: emotional management, will-power, focus and resilience development. Solving-problem orientation.
  • Conflict resolution. Crisis Management: for individual, couples, parents-children relationship, youth, families. Groups. corporate teams.



Previously formed in Social Studies as Community Director. She already was an aquatic body-work expert, working with thousands of customers, business people and celebrities from around the world. He has created works for couples, families. groups and corporate teams, integrating the practice with interactive feedbacks that led to striking results in personal life and relationships.


Today her mission is to implement local, national and international projects, to spread the practical strategies and the Master Del Pe's teachings; to balance life and accelerate the growth, providing autonomous tools to "bring the heaven on earth " ahead of its times.


She lives in Florence. Working, even online, all over Europe.

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