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Hotel San Marco Fitness Pool

42 Via Baldassarre Longhena

37138 Verona


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Free, full-day workshop. Dedicated to new vue.js developer who identifies as a woman. In English and Italian language.

About this Event

If you are a new Vue.js developer who identifies as a woman, and want to learn or practice Vue.js to make websites and mobile apps, this workshop is for you: you are welcome!

Join us to our very first Vue Vixens workshop in Italy!

Se sei una persona che si identifica come donna, hai iniziato da poco a sviluppare con Vue.js e desideri imparare o esercitarti per creare siti Web e app per mobile, questo workshop è per te: sei la benvenuta!

Unisciti a noi al nostro primo workshop Vue Vixens in Italia!

When and where / Quando e dove

  • Monday September 14th (the day before vueday conference)
  • From 10am to 17pm (lunch and coffee breaks included)
  • Verona, Hotel San Marco
  • Lunedì 14 Settembre (il giorno prima la conferenza vueday).
  • Dalle 10 alle 17 (pranzo e pause caffè sono incluse)
  • Verona, Hotel San Marco

What is it? / Che cos'è?

It’s a free, full-day workshop.

Over the course of the day, you'll work with a mentor in small groups in a self-driven workshop. You'll complete the task of building a web app and a mobile app that will teach you about the framework Vue.Js and programming in JavaScript. You'll also get a chance to meet and work with like-minded students.

The goal of the workshop is to familiarize who identifies as a woman with Vue.js in a supportive and inclusive environment.

È un seminario gratuito di un'intera giornata.

Nel corso della giornata, lavorerai in autonomia in un piccolo gruppo, con il supporto di una tutor. Creerai un'app Web e una mobile che ti insegnerà il framework Vue.Js e la programmazione in JavaScript. Avrai anche la possibilità di incontrare e lavorare con studenti simili a te.

L'obiettivo del workshop è far conoscere Vue.js a chi si identifica come donna con in un ambiente confortevole e inclusivo.

Is it in English or Italian language? / È in lingua inglese o italiana?


Tutte e due!

What can you expect from this Vue Vixens workshop? / Cosa puoi aspettarti da questo workshop Vue Vixens?

As a student, perhaps new to the field of frontend development, you are given the opportunity to learn about Vue.js, a cool, fresh framework for building both web and mobile apps.

Come principiante nel campo dello sviluppo frontend, avrai l'opportunità di conoscere Vue.js, un semplice framework JavaScript per la creazione di app Web e mobile.

Mentors, organisers, sponsors

It is organised by, and with the contribute of, Vue Vixens and GrUSP. Lunch and coffee breaks are included.

Il workshop è organizzato da Vue Vixens e GrUSP. Pranzo e pause caffè sono comprese.

The mentors are Geisy Domiciano and Angelica Costantini.

Geisy is a Brazilian Frontend developer that lives in Sweden, she is the chapter leader of Vue vixens in Sweden, has been working with Vue.js and Nuxt.js since 2017. On her spare time she studies Swedish and mentor women.

Angelica is a "newly" turned developer. After years of marketing roles, she found herself being passionate about coding and switched career. She currently works as a front-end developer in Stockholm. When she is not coding she loves running and reading.

I'm a guy. Can I participate? / Sono un uomo, posso partecipare?

The goal of the program is to familiarize women and those who identify as such with concepts of programming for web and mobile using Vue.js in a supportive and inclusive environment. Experienced Vue developers, however, are very welcome to join in our efforts to organize events, support our scholarship fund, mentor a skulk, and provide content. We are grateful for all kinds of help!

L'obiettivo di Vue Vixens è di permettere a donne (e chi si identifica come tale) di familiarizzare con la programmazione usando Vue.js, in un ambiente inclusivo e accogliente. Developer esperti, comunque, sono i benvenuti nell'aiutarci nell'organizzazione, come mentor, e nel supportare il programma. La nostra gratitudine a chiunque voglia aiutarci!

Code of conduct / Codice di condotta

We expect everybody to be gentle, inclusive and respectful to each other. We have a Code of Conduct:

Ci aspettiamo che chi partecipa si comporti in modo gentile, inclusivo e rispettoso reciprocamente. Abbiamo un codice di condotta:

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Date and Time


Hotel San Marco Fitness Pool

42 Via Baldassarre Longhena

37138 Verona


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