The Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp

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The Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp

Become part of an exclusive network of experts and facilitators who master the real potential of Platform Design, beyond buzzwords!

By Boundaryless SRL

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April 20 · 4am - May 12 · 8am PDT



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  • 22 days 4 hours
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The Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp - Extended!

Become part of an exclusive network of experts and facilitators who master the real potential of platform design, beyond buzzwords and false promises.

This Bootcamp - delivered by Boundaryless, world leaders in platform thinking - will change the way you think about platforms, organizations, and ecosystems.

NEW SCHEDULE 2022-2023: 6+1 sessions, 4 hours each, over 4 weeks. 2 sessions on the Opportunity Exploration and value chain analysis, 2 sessions on the Platform Experience Design, 2 sessions on Network Effects, Growth and Liquidity, and one additional session on "intervening with Platform Design frameworks" for those who want to be facilitators. A friendly schedule, more comfortable for distant time zones and busy people.

The Bootcamp sessions will be on Thursdays and Fridays:

April 20-21-27-28th

May 4-5-12th

from 1 pm to 5 pm CET.

> Note that this event is held in English.

Our much appreciated Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp is now updated and extended, with new content from our latest research trends in the fields of the Future of Platforms, Entrepreneurial Organisations, Exploration of Platform opportunities, Platform Growth practices (network effects, growth engines...).

That's why the Bootcamp turned 3.0!

You will:

  • Participate in a preliminary Introduction Webinar one week before the online event, plus a side meeting on the tech tools used at the event (Miro and Zoom);
  • Join real-time online experience with several trainers available live (this is not a MOOC, there will be no pre-recorded video, all will be live)
  • Use Platform Design Toolkit templates and exercises through (our preferred platform for remote collaboration);
  • Participate through Zoom and enjoy Breakout rooms for Coaching with Platform Design Toolkit Trainers and for participant-to-participant peer feedback and interactions on the project contexts;
  • No additional technology or support will be requested from the participants, we’ll provide all the tools. You just need your laptop with a stable internet connection, and a comfortable place where to sit (or stretch!).

All exercises will be run on special project briefs that maximize learning and exchange so that you can focus on learning all the key techniques.


Tickets are provided VAT free to for-profit Businesses:

- EU VAT holders can self-obtain a VAT free ticket at checkout through Eventbrite

- Foreign (non-EU) business owners should either "contact the organizer" or write to us at to receive VAT free tickets.

Special offer for this Bootcamp: if you are purchasing the tickets as a private individual (not for business or company purchase) we will refund you the VAT amount, i.e. equivalent to a 22% discount.  Write to us at to receive the refund.

If you're planning to buy multiple tickets, reach out to get group discounts. We provide an additional 5% discount for each further participant (groups of 2 get 5%, groups of 3 get 10%, groups of 4+ get 15%). Note that team discounts only apply to non-discounted tickets (Regular and Late Birds).

Also, note that special discounts are provided for public education institutions. Reach out for details (

What's this Bootcamp about?

The context of Platforms and Ecosystems is changing rapidly: as we enter an age of continuous change, rapidly transforming technologies, environmental breakdown, and social crises, we believe that acquiring the capability to design scalable strategies, will allow organizations to become positive transformative actors. An eco-systemic view of markets is essential to a modern theory of platforms.

For about10 years now Simone Cicero, Luca Ruggeri and the Boundaryless Team have been training more than a thousand participants from all over the world to use the Platform Design Toolkit: this deeper learning format, has been optimized for designerstrainers, and strategists that deal with Platform-Ecosystem thinking as a core part of their work.

The Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp v3.0 is the primary and most comprehensive training format we've designed, to offer you a full immersion into Platforms and the disruptive mindset behind them. It's a deeper and extended format dedicated to those that are aiming to become Platform Design Toolkit facilitators and want to become part of an exclusive network of individuals that master the real potential of platform design, beyond buzzwords and false promises for really transformative impacts.


The Program: what will you learn in this Bootcamp

The Bootcamp will expose participants to a full and deep understanding of our framework and its interrelated aspects such as systems thinking, mastering network effects, organizational transformation, and integration with other facilitation tools.  

Here follows a preliminary list of elements that will make up the 6+1 sessions program:

1. The Context of Platform Design: we’ll explore what is the future playing field for Platform Thinking. What kind of platform is worth developing? How are new technologies, such as blockchain enabling new possible design spaces? What is the social, ecological, and political context of platform thinking?

2. The Key Elements of Platform Design and the Unified Market Theory: understanding post-industrial markets and how value chains are transformed by the Platform Plays, plus the two core Engines of Platform Design (transactions, and learning). Learn how to unbundle ecosystems into arenas, define the systemic jobs, and map the relational experiences between key players;

3. Network Effects and High Scalability: why it’s so important today, to design high-scalability organizations and value propositions? How does one master and recognize Network Effects to achieve growth and defensibility? How do you approach growth tactics to solve the chicken-egg problem and achieve liquidity? On what side of the network should you focus first?

4. Validating Platform Strategies: how-to design experiences, validate them and develop an ecosystem in a lean way?

5. Pricing: How to deal with pricing on platforms? How can pricing be expressed across the product, the marketplace, and the extensions of the product itself by means of external developers?

6. Designing & Running Platform-Ecosystem Workshops: how to design workshops complementing the Platform Design Toolkits with other methods for strategic design and team facilitation? We’ll share our experiences.

Some key reads from our blog: 

How does it work?

The Bootcamp flow will be based on:

  • short slide-based lectures;
  • personal, face to face coaching with Platform Design Toolkit team;
  • group-wide work;
  • small team exercises to apply thinking to example projects we provide.

Note that the Bootcamp is not strictly designed to apply the Platform Design Toolkit to a specific project but instead to gain a deep understanding and elements of mastery to be able to apply the thinking to any project, context of challenge afterward.

The Membership & Certification

The Platform Design Certification Bootcamp provides participants with:

  • an official Platform Design Toolkit — Certified Facilitator Badge;
  • an invitation to join the Boundaryless community, a private group of advanced practice leaders connected with us in a long-standing collaboration, to evolve the methodology and work together on opportunities arising across the globe.

The Platform Design Facilitators community will have access to:

  • community-reserved webinars, meetings, interactions;
  • access to and use of official slide decks redacted by the PDT Team for you to use;
  • an exclusive (not released in Open Source) Facilitators Manual including workshop design guidelines, advanced tips for facilitation and much more;
  • beta versions of upcoming toolkit releases;

Why are Platforms so important?

Platform Strategies can transform organizations and help create new business models: independent providers of custom solutions are often perceived to deliver more value but are limited in their ability to scale. Platformization provides an opportunity to create scalable collaboration agreements, powered by narrativestechnologies, and shared languages

Platforms help companies and organizations leverage the power of ecosystems to grow and reach outstanding results that cannot be reached independently. It’s a key capability to help companies deliver more innovation with smaller investments with respect to building traditional services.

Platforms-Ecosystems thinking is therefore often pictured as a “silver bullet”, but what is its real potential? In times of continuous change, and ever-growing complexity, mastering the design of ecosystem mobilizing, fast scaling, network effect driven strategies will make a monumental difference for organizations and designers

The Platform Design Toolkit and the Platform Opportunity Exploration Framework

The Platform Design Toolkit is the original, open-source design method, first released in 2013, to build multi-sided, transformative platform strategies to empower ecosystems in creating shared value. 

Based on the tradition of Service Design, Lean Startup and Strategic Thinking, it was born to overcome the limitations in traditional, linear business approaches. 

It has been used by thousands of practitioners and adopters ranging from Fortune 500s to the United Nations, from renowned worldwide Business Schools to nimble startups.

Perfectly complemented by the Platform Opportunity Exploration framework - both covered by the Bootcamp program - these toolsets provide an effective, clear and accessible process and a set of visual tools for the co-creation of platform strategies grounded in the understanding of markets, value chains and systems.

Who’s this course designed for?

  • Organization leaders running organization-wide Platform Design units and Innovation or Strategy groups;
  • Consultants and freelance platform catalysts, willing to learn how to master the full Platform Design Toolkit capabilities for client’s projects and integrate it with other methodologies;
  • Human resources experts and organizational designers willing to integrate post-industrial approaches into their organizational development practices;
  • Systems Thinkers that want to master a powerful and digestible methodology to rapidly bring systemic thinking to the table, producing fast outstanding results;
  • Entrepreneurs working on platform projects, interested in integrating a deep vision and practice in the work they’re doing, to maximize impact, and minimize time and energy lost in negligibly impacting projects.
  • Policy-makers wanting to understand the full scope of platform thinking and the full potential of ecosystem mobilization

TESTIMONIALS about the Bootcamp

"If you are interested in practical platform design and looking for a toolset to establish ecosystem thinking within your team or organization, joining the Bootcamp is definitely worth! exciting chance to share experiences and insights with people from all over the world. In my daily work, I benefit now from the views, methods and facilitation techniques I have experienced in the three days."

Jan Rudolph - Senior Consultant Digitization at DB Systel GmbH

"The Bootcamp is an excellent experience for professionals: networking, deep technical conversations, I'd recommend to anybody."

Mark Craddock - Technical Director at UN Global Platform

"I believe Platforms are the future: I'll use this new awareness to identify companies to invest in, and help those already in my portfolio to become aware of this massive transformational opportunity."

Kenny Nova - Entrepreneur and investor 

"The Bootcamp was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my journey with platforms and ecosystems. An intense workshop, where the team made a great job in aggregating, structuring and translating the latest content for aspiring facilitators. After countless epiphanies, I left the Bootcamp with a bag full of relevant tools, the right mindset and most importantly the confidence that I now have a community where I can address my real-world challenges." 

Robert Egli - Business Developer at Microsoft Switzerland

TESTIMONIALS about the Methodology

"In an increasingly networked world, we're going to need more tools like the Platform Design Toolkit" John Hagel - Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation

“The platform design toolkit is more than a tool, it is a mindset. It helped us explore how to connect all the players around innovation challenges ". Genevieve Douhet - Associate Director - Innovation Société Générale


How should I prepare for the course?

Participants will receive preliminary reads and contents, no specific preparation is required. 

Is it a course for beginners or experts?

This course is on advanced material - the creation of new products and services or the rethinking of organizations - but does so in a practical way and leaving to the participants the tools and references to use, so it is a course for participants that understand the context, but it does not require any previous knowledge on the subject of platforms, innovation or design. 

I'm already executing a platform strategy, can I still attend?

This course is not focused on helping you with a single project, though it will be extremely helpful to accelerate your deep understanding of the context of the project you’re working on and likely have a decisive impact on it. 

I'm afraid I'm going to miss one or two sessions, what is gonna happen?

We've designed an experience that is highly interactive among you, the trainers, and the other attendees. A great part of the learnings will be developed through the interactions and conversations within your working group, so it's fundamental to attend the sessions in presence. In case of last-minute issues preventing your presence, you will get limited access to the video-recordings of the missing session, to keep the same pace as the other attendees.


Our standard confirmation/cancellation policy: in case we are forced to cancel the event, you'll receive a message not later than 15 days before the event. In case of cancellation from our side, you'll obviously receive a full refund.

Be sure you select the right option if you're an EU VIES-registered VAT holder: you will save 22% VAT in that case and your ticket will be much cheaper.

If you are buying as a foreign (non EU) business entity (a for profit organization) please reach out directly for VAT free ticketing.

ATTENDEE REFUND POLICY: If you decide to cancel your ticket, you'll be able to ask for a full ticket refund (EB fees are not refundable) up to fifteen days before the start. No money refund will be offered after that date: you'll be given a free admission ticket for any of the upcoming European Platform Design Toolkit Bootcamp in English organized directly by the Platform Design Toolkit team in the following months. 


Resources related to Platform Design Toolkit

Your Trainers

You'll receive training directly from the core team at Boundaryless, the creators of Platform Design Toolkit that have been training more than a thousand - in private and public settings - spreading platform design all over the world.

We will confirm the trainers' team a few days before the event.

About the organizer

Organized by
Boundaryless SRL

Boundaryless helps global customers with Business Strategy and Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems.

We do it by creating openly accessible frameworks and by supporting a community of organizations, institutions, and individuals through workshops, training, and consulting services.

We help organizations develop Platform Strategies with the Platform Design Toolkit, our world-renowned methodology for platform design and innovation: with that, we help customers identify opportunities for new platforms, and then help teams design and validate their strategies on the market and generate growth.

We also help organizations become more Entrepreneurial and Ecosystem-Enabling: thanks to our collaboration with pioneering organizations, we developed a sound approach to transforming existing firms, and develop new ones, as swarms of independent, entrepreneurial, self-managed teams supported by shared platform services reducing organizational debt and increasing organizational agility.

Boundaryless has been working with an impressive range of stakeholders: from Fortune 500s to startups, from organizational transformation pioneers such as Haier group to the United Nations Development Programs.

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