Rendanheyi Masterclass: Learning and applying Haier's Model of Organizing

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Rendanheyi Masterclass: Learning and applying Haier's Model of Organizing

a 4-HALF DAYS (16h) online training course to learn about Haier's award-winning, revolutionary Rendanheyi organizational model

By Boundaryless SRL

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Tue, 12 Sep 2023 04:30 - Fri, 15 Sep 2023 08:30 PDT



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  • 3 days 4 hours
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Learn the principles behind Haier’s unique organizational model: Rendanheyi

Haier Model Institute - in partnership with Boundaryless - is proud to offer online remote training to learn the basics and a practical approach to adopting the world-leading organizational model pioneered by Haier Group.

The inspiration of Rendanheyi has the potential to help organizations develop and sustain an Entrepreneurial Ecosystemic Organizational strategy in each industry or context.

Explore a framework to make the best out of Rendanheyi in your unique context of work

This course will use a revolutionary set of Creative Commons licensed, freely available design tools that Boundaryless has created - inspired by the Rendanheyi and other cutting-edge practices based on the same principles: the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization Toolkit 1.0 (available for download at Its canvases and guides result from a continuous process of “open-sourcing” the Rendanheyi experience to make it usable by everybody in the world.

During the course, Boundaryless will also exchange the outcomes of its exploration and the experiences with adopting Rendanheyi in organizations ranging in industries, geographies, and size. When back from the course, participants can freely use the 3EO Toolkit inspired by the Rendanheyi and its user-associated support materials to engage with similar transformation projects within their context.


This course will provide attendees with an OFFICIAL Haier Model Institute - Certified Rendanheyi Expert - First Level directly issued by Haier Model Institute.


Emanuele Quintarelli - Partner and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization Microenterprise Lead in Boundaryless. Creator of the Human Organization Map with extensive experience introducing new organizational models such as Sociocracy and Holacracy in large organizations.

The online training in a nutshell

On September 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th, join us from 1.30 to 5.30 PM CEST to:

  • Know the basic nitty-gritty of the Rendanheyi model and its possible generalization through principles, layers, and approaches.
  • Learn Haier's Success Story, Culture, and Model based on expressing human potential and win-win strategies.
  • Envision and prepare experiments on how this model can work in your company or ecosystem or - if you're a consultant - on how to lead your customers by exploring the benefits of Rendanheyi.

A training designed for teams supporting executives, consultants, designers, HR, and organizational developers that want to lead a massive transformation within their context.

“The internet has eliminated the physical distance and enabled businesses to become networked. The competitive tension among a company, its employees and its partners should be defused with the aim of building a collaborative, win-win ecosystem.”
“Ecosystem is how we create value for users. Many other companies believe innovation is in new products or new technologies, but we believe innovation is about developing new ways to create value for the user”

— Zhang Ruimin, Chairman and former CEO of Haier in an interview from 2018.

The Context: Learning from Haier, an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization

This online training will help you better understand Haier’s success story as an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization, from its cultural pillars to organizational artifacts that make the company function as a coherent set of loosely coupled, independent, entrepreneurial units.

In the past years, Haier took to its extreme consequences the idea of radically developing platform-ecosystem strategies in every possible aspect of its organization, business models, customer and partners relationships.

From HR to business model innovation, in the past decade, Haier created and evolved as a living system an organizational model called Rendanheyi, which roughly means "Employee, Customer, Happiness". Following this principle, Haier's community of more than 80'000 employees crafted and continuously evolved approaches to tightly couple customer value with the one created for employees.

In this continuous exploration in contracting, staffing, partnering, product/service development, business model evolution, and HR innovation this entrepreneurìal community enabled and harnessed the existing potential within the boundless ecosystem of relationships of Haier Group and its people.

After studying, visiting, and interviewing this large community, together with partners, and Prof. Bill Fischer, we systematized and abstracted the most important principles, practices, and pillars of Haier's success into a step-by-step strategic design approach that allows any ecosystem strategist to envision and experiment with this model.

The Rendanheyi model is a complex, continuously changing model that is still growing and developing. Some parts are more advanced than others - it's a continuous exploration to redefine, challenge, and improve their way of working.

What will you learn in this training?

  • The basics of Rendanheyi and the story of Haier
  • What cultural elements need to be developed if your organization wants to embrace a culture of entrepreneurship and ecosystem enablement?
  • What are the pitfalls and challenges in transforming an organization into a rapidly evolving organism?
  • How to use a practical set of visual tools from the 3EO Toolkit to design experiments to be executed in your organization


The online training will run on September 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th (1.30 PM— 5.30 PM CEST).

The format is a mix of short lectures from the trainers and practice sessions where the participants use canvases to apply the thinking and the ideas to their context (their organization, a customer’s organization, an ecosystem of value, etc.). Fictional contexts will also be provided.

Knowing more About Haier

  • Haier 6 strategic stages
  • An overview of the organizational artifacts of today's Haier and how it fits within the evolution of organizing
  • Looking through the cultural pillars and the Layers of the organization
  • Entrepreneurship, spontaneity, and self-management: the key roots of Zhang Ruimin's Reform, Lao Tzu, and Peter Drucker
  • How does Rendanheyi fit in the age of Platforms: Digital Markets, and platform business models
  • Understanding the Role of Internal Platforms in Haier: an organization that can play the full spectrum
  • Understanding VAM Contracts (The creation of a Micro-Enterprise)
  • Understanding Ecosystem Micro Communities (EMCs) and ecosystem contracts
  • The need for change: pervasive innovation in a time of radical changes and niche opportunities plus some initial hints on how to approach this transformation based on real experiences

Exercises and developing practical know-how for your own context

The course will include practical collective exercises and deep dives to ensure you understand how to bring the best of Rendanheyi and other pioneering organizational models based on similar principles in your own context by using a set of the Creative Commons licensed canvases and guidelines that make up the “3EO Toolkit” inspired by Rendanheyi.

An interactive experience run with Zoom and with participants from all over the world

Who is this course for? - Target Audience

  • Corporate management teams that are involved in org transformation and platform-ecosystem practices
  • Teams supporting executives in envisioning the future of the organization in a complex world
  • Educators, teachers, and researchers that want to ensure to feature latest organizational development ideas in their teaching and research work
  • Consultants that want to push their customers to the boundaries of the present of organizing

Why is Haier and why Ecosystemic Organizations are so important?👇

"Over the past decade the gross profits of Haier’s core appliance business have grown by 23% a year, while revenue has increased by 18% annually. The company has also created more than $2 billion in market value from new ventures."

From "The End of Bureaucracy, Harvard Business Review"

Platforms and Ecosystems as a key transition in the nature of the firm in the XXIst Century

Ecosystems are—quoting Bill Fischer—potentially hiding in plain sight.

Just like we’ve helped thousands to experiment with the Platform Design Toolkit, organizations interested in unleashing the potential of ecosystems need to receive the support to sustain their potential and ability to self-organize.

In doing so, firms need to let go of control, be open to distributing large chunks of the value, and not just aim at capturing it: it’s about whole systems actualization to explore new possible use cases and experiences.

Did you know that:

- 2019 Drucker Forum was dedicated to understanding Ecosystems

- 2018's European Organization Design Forum was dedicated to Business Ecosystems

- Haier is a success story consistently featured on HBR and other business management magazines

Several of the most advanced business players in the world are embracing the same patterns of Buurtzorg, Morningstar, W.L. Gore… check

What is this Online Course about?

  • The 30 years long history of Haier and all the phases of radical transformation embraced by this organization throughout the last decades.
  • The traits of Haier as an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization and how they are common elements to many other successful organizations in the world
  • The Emerging cultural pillars of building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization an organization inspired by Rendanheyi
  • Identify and understand all the organizational artifacts (How does a Microenterprise work, what’s the role of internal platforms, how smart-contracts are set up, etc...)
  • Who carries responsibility inside the organization: Enterprising, Enabling and Architecting
  • How key organizational processes such as Strategy, Execution and Performance management are managed

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Cancellations will be possible up until 15 days before the event. After that, attendees will be rebooked for the next edition of the course. No-shows won't receive refunds.

Intellectual Property

The contents of this training course are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to Boundaryless SRL and Haier Group and are protected by the laws in force on the subject of a civil and criminal offense. No use other than that indicated in the general terms and conditions is permitted.

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We help organizations develop Platform Strategies with the Platform Design Toolkit, our world-renowned methodology for platform design and innovation: with that, we help customers identify opportunities for new platforms, and then help teams design and validate their strategies on the market and generate growth.

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