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PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CONFERENCE 28th February - 01st March 2015 C/O Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi - Trieste Italy


Photography Master Conference in cooperation with FEP

Sabato 8 settembre 2018 alle 09:30 - Domenica 9 settembre 2018 alle 20:00 (CEST)


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ONLY for FEP Members Two days Full Conf. Fee 07 set 2018 160,00 € 6,09 €
Full Conf. Fee
Full Conf. Two Days Fee
07 set 2018 250,25 € 8,85 €
One Day Conf. Fee
One Day Conf. Fee
07 set 2018 130,00 € 5,17 €
Gala Dinner one day 07 set 2018 30,00 € 2,12 €
Gala Dinner two days 07 set 2018 50,00 € 2,73 €


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The Photography Masters Conference VIII

September 08th and 09 - 2018

The Best Photography Conference in Europe



For Ewa, photography is something more than technique and tricks. The secret does not reside in color, composition, and form, but in emotional content. The other elements and technical tools can only contribute to increasing the power of the image. A photograph should lead to a feeling and this to a sensation. This is the challenge of Ewa’s images.If one has to choose between emotion or technique, passion prevails. You can always learn the technique, while the emotions are the fruits of a unique miracle, an unrepeatable instant. Emotions drive our existence, are always close to each of us but are not always easy to capture by the photographer.Ewa Cwikla has been in the photography world for more than 20 years. She currently owns a private company with her studio. In recent years Ewa has been dedicated in body and soul to photography and not just for profit or devoted to customers. After so many years of photographing her clients, she is enjoying the feeling of discovering herself as an artist. She strives to make photographs really representing her.For each photographic session she relies on herself, she stays close to her own concept, she bases on her meaning and creativity. She doesn’t plan ahead. She seems to have an instinct for this, and somehow she always hits the right chord. The photographic Ewa’s vision is to be closer to people, to feel the vulnerability of every human being. She feels satisfied and happy if she can portray it in her images.



 My name is Carola Kayen-Mouthaan I live with pleasure in Heijningen (Brabant) The NetherlandsI also have the luxury of a studio of my own.
I discovered my passion for photography in 2008, something I do for 10 years now with al lot of love and passion.
For me a photo has to radiate feeling and that is what I try to capture in my photos.Since the beginning of 2016 I have discovered a new passion, Fine Art Photography because it has a lot of emotion, pure and old-fashioned feeling.
I like taking pictures that are differ from your standard photos, like a nude model with a real pig or a nude cats. I had also a real pony in my studio ones that wash a real challenge. He did not want to stand still ,With a lot of Patience it became a perfect picture. I love to work with real animals they are always a challenge,
I think that beauty is not something that people look like but that comes from within.
I have a number of publications in various magazines such as Imirage magazine, CameraCraft modellerland, ND magazine, Zoom,Chip photo magazine, FEMME Rebelle ,fineart photo magazine.



Jack Savage is a fine art photographer and digital artist and an adobe certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC and trainer. Finalist of the prestigious Siena Photo Awards 2017. Winner of honourable mentions at IPA 2016, TIFA 2016, and winner of 6 nominee awards at TheFineArtPhotographyAwards 2017. Jack has also been published and featured in numerous photographic publications such as Photographize magazine, Visions Libres, Shot, MUP, Adore Noir, Black and Inspire magazines. He Is based in Northampton, England and teaches from a spacious photography studio located in the heart of the town centre. Jack's work is heavily inspired by the medium of cinema and the world. His Self Portrait series " Cinematic Portraiture" attemps to capture himself in "Hitchcockian" lighy, harking back to the work of the old masters themselves. As one of only 100 official Photoshop experts the UK - photo manipulation features heavily within the Canon of his work. Cinematic genres of film noir, abstract horror, british social realism are revisited and revoked in his own brand of phonographic psychadelic mayhem. Jack's most recent series explores the subject of mental health problems such as Schizophrenia and Alcoholism which are undoubtedly underlying problems in capitalist societies.


Master Qualified European Photographer, Patrizia Burra’s images have been featured in contemporary publications and magazines including Vogue, Italy, Klassik Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, Fotopro Magazine, Rimelight MagazineDer Photograph Magazine, Arte Fotografica, Cult Magazine, Camera Obscura Magazine as well as books like International Photo Project FMF, 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide, Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?, Portraits & People Around The World and many more. Patrizia Burra has received over 50 international awards and honors from institutions and art organizations including Moscow International Photography Awards 2017, FEP European Professional Photographer Of The Year, Black & White Spider Awards, Px3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, Hasselblad Masters, International Color Awards, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tifa International Foto Awards, Moscow International Photo Awards, Better Photograph Of The Year: Silver Awards, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, International Aperture Awards, WPGA Portrait Award Juried By Steve McCurry, MQEP - Master Qualified European Photographer, The Photographic Society Of America (PSA) and many more.Patrizia Burra also a painter and professional photographer, specializes in digital art. A master in Portraits, Patrizia is one the most prominent photographers in the contemporary Italian art scene.Patrizia’s unusual female imagination is capable to invent the most incredible ideas and suggestions, along with stories inside other stories that she transforms into beautiful images. Each image is immediately readable but hides, most of the times, a big and complex set of ideas or even statements.
The conceptual level of her work is difficult to match that, in fact, it´s one of those cases on witch we can say to ourselves: “why didn’t I remember to do this?”.Much of her inspiration for wanting to combine painting and photography comes from studying Pictorialist photographs from the late 19th/early 20th century.She realized that photography allowed a different kind of control. With a painting, the primary effort went into rendering the final composition. In her projects she tried to change her technique of the arts of photography , thereby affecting artistic invention itself and perhaps even bringing about an change in our very notion of art. She searched another way an afterthought where the mix of painting and photography vision serves her as ‘study’, and certainly imply that the painting and photography as having common goals.


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34073 GRADO

Sabato 8 settembre 2018 alle 09:30 - Domenica 9 settembre 2018 alle 20:00 (CEST)

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Photography Master Conference in cooperation with FEP

PMC is a significant annual event for all professionals and lovers of photography. Workshops will be held by internationally renowned photographers, who will explain the steps and secrets of their photographic techniques. PMC provides an important opportunity to discover the secrets of "Fine Art", processing and advanced image manipulation using Photoshop, the creative use of lights, stylistic techniques in the portrait, the detailed composition to get a complex image. In addition, the ability to deal with photographers from all over the world, it will generate the opportunity to capture information on all that surrounds contemporary photography.

The FEP is composed of the national professional associations of the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ukraine and United Kingdom. The central reference authority for Photography in the EU, it represents over 50.000 professional photographers in Europe.

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