Navigating volatile capital markets

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Navigating volatile capital markets

Navigating volatile capital markets

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2021-2022 have presented a unique set of challenges to issuers with an uptick in volatility amidst growing inflation, tightening liquidity conditions, aggressive monetary policy from the Fed, and global geopolitical risk—among other factors. Small and micro-cap companies are often disproportionally affected by these market conditions and faced with mounting pressure from shareholders. For new and experienced small-medium-cap officers and directors, the menu of potential financing structures can be somewhat intimidating. The event is promoted by AmCham’s Bowling Green Bull,  an initiative to connect Italian companies, entrepreneurs and top managers aiming for international growth and expansion in their interactions with U.S. financial markets and investors. Karen Snow and our panel of experts will discuss best practices to offer thoughtful and actionable advices into securing capital amidst a volatile equity market.

The conversation will provide insight to small and medium companies management teams on how to present their equity story to as well as providing Karen’s outlook for the markets heading into 2023.