Hands on 3D survey collection (3DSC) for Blender

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Hands on 3D survey collection (3DSC) for Blender: publish an archaeological site in a game engine as an optimized, open world environment.

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Title: Hands on 3D survey collection (3DSC) for Blender: publish an archaeological site in a game engine as an optimized, open world environment.

Author: Emanuel Demetrescu



TWithin the conference will be training workshops on "emerging tools and methods in the field of FLOS for archaeology".

The list of workshops and the application form is available here. Don't forget to subscribe to get your place.

Participation is subject to availability among the applications that will be received by October 1, 2020. Each workshop will be activated when the first 7 participants are reached. The timetable of the activated workshops will be published on October 2nd on this page (in any case in the time slot 17-19).



The 3D survey in Archaeology through Photogrammetric technologies has largely taken hold improving in qualitative and quantitative terms the information available for the graphic description of monumental sites and archaeological excavations. At the same time, the use of photogrammetric surveys for the creation of virtual scenarios within the creative Industries is already widely carried out outside the scientific world of Archaeology. On the contrary, the creation of interactive digital replicas (open worlds), i.e. the transformation of 3D archaeological data into assets ready for video-games, virtual museums and digital libraries, is only in its infancy and requires the development and diffusion of special tools for the management of 3D geographic data, the optimization of 3D databases and the improvement of the quality of geometries and textures. The contribution presents the development activity and functionality of the open source suite of 3D survey Collection (3DSC) tools for Blender 3D. The tool is able to transform huge 3D datasets such as surveys of extensive archaeological excavations into optimized models navigable in real time within Game Engines such as Unreal4, Unity3D, Godot, CryEngine etc.. Through a series of concrete examples will be explained the functionality of the tool for the development of 360 panoramas (panoramic tool), color information correction from the original images of the photographic companion (photogrammetry paint tool), color calibration (color correction tool), import/export of geo-referenced data (importer-exporter tool), geometric optimization of models through the creation of levels of detail levels for realtime (LOD generator - segmentation).


Technical requirements

"OS required: Linux, Windows or Mac

Hardware: notebooks with at least 4-8 GB RAM, i5 processor and an OpenGL compatible graphic card

Software to be installed: Blender 3D, 3DSC

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