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Gladiator School

Un tuffo nel passato, vivi l'emozione di sentirti parte della storia che ha affascinato il mondo intero

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Gladiator School Rome - 'Gruppo Storico Romano ' 18 Via Appia Antica 00179 Roma Italy

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Una breve visita al museo, prove di abilità, e addestramento al combattimento.

Metti una tunica da antico romano e scendi in arena con i gladiatori.

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The Gruppo Storico Romano in collaboration with the gladiators of his Gladiator School offers short courses of gladiatura , daily or weekly , with preparation and personal training programs.

At the end of the period of preparation, the aspiring gladiator, if deemed appropriate, and his choice, will continue the learning phase and then become part of the Gladiator School in Rome, the first school ever to teach the discipline of art as well old but still quite charming .

If you also want to become a gladiator, even if only for a day, and you’d like to relive the same emotions as two thousand years ago, come see us in Via Appia Antica 18 and you will enter in the story. You’ll discover the secrets of Imperial Rome’s gladiator games, get hands-on with ancient Roman history and have the best fun you can imagine!

In addition, we will give you the opportunity to visit the Historical Museum – Didactic of our Association, and wear armor true by simulating battles with teachers and young people like you who wish to try their hand at this new ” sport.”

You’ll spend a couple of hours with very close-knit friends who wish to expand and grow the Gladiator School in Rome.

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The Viaticum was the traveler's luggage which contained the food for the journey. The offer is to taste an Ancient Aperitif "to go". The content is rich and tasty but above all is truly faithful to the ancient recipes of Imperial Rome that have been handed down to us. A discovery for the palate and a completion to the historical and accurate proposals of the Roman Historical Group.

Viaticum content:

• Gladiator's omelette (Conchycla): eggs, peas, leeks, coriander - a clove

• Meatballs of Apicius: mixed ground, wine - n.2

• Artolaganus bread: flour, almonds, raisins, cooked must - a double slice spread with the sauce

• Virgil's "Moretum" sauce: ricotta, pecorino cheese, herbs, garlic, pepper

• Cato the Censor's cake (Placenta): puff pastry, honeyed ricotta - one cube