From QGIS to QField and vice versa

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From QGIS to Qfield and vice versa: how the new android application is facilitating the work of the archaeologists in the field

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Title: From QGIS to Qfield and vice versa: how the new android application is facilitating the work of the archaeologists in the field

Authors: Roberto Montagnetti

Giuseppe Guarino


Within the conference will be training workshops on "emerging tools and methods in the field of FLOS for archaeology".

The list of workshops and the application form is available here. Don't forget to subscribe to get your place.

Participation is subject to availability among the applications that will be received by October 1, 2020. Each workshop will be activated when the first 7 participants are reached. The timetable of the activated workshops will be published on October 2nd on this page (in any case in the time slot 17-19).



The aim of the workshop is to highlight the main benefits of using the Qfield app. An App which can be installed on an Android device for all archaeologists working in the field.

The main feature of this new application will allow the archaeologist to upload to his/her Smartphone or tablet the .qgis project of the excavation, based on the general information concerning the site that is already available to you. At this point, it is possible to implement the collection of data directly on site, maintaining constant updates to your system, thus allowing you to review the project throughout the excavation process.

The “pocket-GIS” with Qfield is finally a reality!

Working with Qfield in the field, allows us to significantly reduce registration and computerisation time of inputting data into the database system; eliminating all the digitisation of field registers and all related paperwork. The advantage of entrusting all the information to the main GIS platform of the project (master), which is stored inside the PC, means this leaves only the task of checking the collected data, along with the bonus of in-depth topographical and geospatial analysis.

In this proposal we will show a practical example of integrated use of Qgis and Qfield, which relates to an open area excavation.

The intervention methodology proposed in this contrubute has been constructed by the personal experience of the authors, this specifically refers to Open Area Excavation works in Commercial Archaeology projects.


Technical requirements

QGIS 3.10; 3.12; 3.14.0

QFIELD last release

Android Device (Tablet or large Smartphone)

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