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Workshop NodeJS Conf 2013


Sabato 14 dicembre 2013 dalle 09:00 alle 18:00 (CET)

Workshop NodeJS Conf 2013

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Biglietto di ingresso. Da diritto all'accesso al workshop ad una persona. Nel caso abbiate necessità di ottenere una RICEVUTA, lasciate al desk, il giorno del workshop, i seguenti dati: ragione sociale, indirizzo della sede legale, partita iva e indirizzo email. Compileremo tutte le ricevute alla fine del workshop e le riceverete via e-mail.
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Gabriele Lana and Sandro Paganotti will guide you through the development of a fully functional web application that uses NodeJS and AngularJS. The workshop aims to showcase how to work with the latest technology stack, we’ll explore methodologies, testing techniques, tips and tricks and some nice HTML5 features, such as websockets, in a real life working application.

The workshop will be held in Italian, will take place on 14th of December and it will be hosted by Talent Garden Brescia.

Remember that you need to bring your laptop to attend the workshop. The session will be interactive.

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Quando e dove

Via Cipro 66
25100 Brescia

Sabato 14 dicembre 2013 dalle 09:00 alle 18:00 (CET)

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We are a local group of passionate web developers with a wide range of backgrounds and skills, from students to professionals, called WebDeBs. The name stands for Web Developers Brescia (Brescia is the name of the city in Italy we all come from).

This group was founded one year ago with the goal to find more local people passionate like us about the web, its development, people willing to share knowledge and exchange their experiences.

We follow a very informal format on the line of the Bar Camps: sometimes we meet to drink a beer and talk about geeky web stuff and some other times we organize presentations about new technologies, frameworks, social guerrilla and web marketing, etc. (

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