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Seminario in inglese sui criteri internazionali di degustazione del vino con RobertMcNulty, insegnante WSET.
@ Lepa Vida Boutique Winery, 7 aprile 2018

24 vini da tutto il mondo e un'intera giornata di apprendimento concentrato ed efficace, con formula "retreat" nella Boutique Winery Lepa Vida e il catering gourmet del ristorante Grad Kromberg.

Un'esperienza entusiasmante e un'occasione unica di crescita professionale.


Wine tasting seminar with Robert McNulty, one of the most esteemed wine experts and communicators, author for BBC and judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards, capable of making any complex topic easy and with ease understood.

An opportunity without equal to improve your tasting skills and to get familiar with international tasting standards without travelling Europe.

To maximise the learning experience, the seminar is offered with the retreat formula. A six-hours full immersion in international wines and international wine-tasting criteria, to learn in a single day how to communicate wine like an expert on foreign markets.

Gourmet lunch is provided by renowned restaurant Grad Kromberk.

The seminar takes place in the enchanting and fully equipped premises of Boutique Winery Lepa Vida is a charming venue in Vipavska Dolina, close to the Italian border and easy to reach, on April 7th.
From Venice: 90 minutes
From Udine: 50 minutes
From Klagenfurt: 2 hours
From Ljubljana: 60 minutes
From Rijeka: 90 minutes
From Trieste: 45 minutes


Why taking this one-day course

Who tried to talk about wine to non-Italian people already knows it: International wine tasting criteria are different from Italian ones, and need to be mastered to be effective wine communicators - writers, sellers, buyers, makers, tasters... lovers.

This seminar provides you with the knowledge needed to professionally describe wine in English. NoT just the proper lexicon, but the understanding of the mentality of the international market.

Why paying so much money?

It depends on how much you think you deserve.
You can throw less than 10 euros on a bottle of IGT wine. Or you can invest 30 or 40 euros to share a bottle of Sassicaia 2008 with some friends and get just a glass.
Wine costs. Materials cost. Professionals cost. Quality education is never cheap.

I'm proud I organised a seminar whose price is the quotient of the sum of the costs divided by the number of available seats, plus a 10% to compensate organisation job - because organising the seminar impedes me to do my wine trading job.

If a seat remains unsold, I pay twice the price. If two seats remain unsold, I pay three times the price.
Yet I wanted this seminar to be attended by many, because I do believe in the professional opportunities it gives.
A 15% or so discount is given to those who help me reducing organisation work by subscribing early.

Money doesn't grow on trees, and I want this seminar to be as much effective as possibile.
I hired the best teacher, I designed the best formula and I will only allow 12 person to attend the seminar, to make sure everybody gets the most from this day.


- are a wine professional (seller, buyer, maker, writer) who is willing to improve his or her tasting skills and communication skills

- are looking for an extra oomph for your carreer in the wine world

- are thinking about undertaking an international experience in the wine world

- are or are going to be a WSET student, and want to grasp their tasting method

- are an Italian sommelier, oenologist or wine maker and need to understand international tasting method

- want to improve your wine knowledge

- are looking for an effective course that provides you with practical skills and an international point of view


- don't want to work in international wine market and are not interested in any international experience

- don't need to sell your wine overseas

- are satisfied with your role in the wine world and think you can't have a better one

- are not aiming at becoming a better wine professional

- are a Sunday wine professional and are not really interest in delivering quality services to your customers

Description is written in English to allow you check your proficiency.
If you understood it easily, you are able to attend the seminar, which is held in English.
Be sure to subscribe immediately, both for getting the early booking discount and to access the course. Only few seats are available!


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