Up-cycle-Upgrading Recycled Tyre Materials,Products Applications-Morning

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Up-cycle-Upgrading Recycled Tyre Materials,Products Applications-Morning

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Environment Park - Parco Scientifico Tecnologico Per L'Ambiente 60 Via Livorno 10144 Torino Italy

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The workshop is designed to illustrate the many current and potential uses of Recycled Tyre Materials (RTMs) in various fields of application, highlighting the flexibility of use and high performance of the materials. We hope to stimulate discussions on new product development, research projects and cooperation. Topics will include: thermal, vibration and noise insulation, flexible and reinforced concrete, rubber compounds and thermo-plastic elastomeric materials, automotive and rail products, sports applications.

The programme will bring together companies from tyre recycling and end-user sectors with researchers from Universities and experts from various fields.

The goal is to come up with new partnerships and projects for the upcoming EU Funding Calls for 2018-2020. In order to increase their opportunities Participants may enter their cooperation profile into the ETRA Partner Registry, and to receive further assistance after the workshop as well. They will become part of a dynamic process that includes other opportunities. The very next one will be on 14-16 March 2018, in Brussels at the ETRA Conference. There will be a one day NCP workshop, for a limited group of 15-20 attendees to define the key elements for 1-2 projects (partners, call, etc.).

This workshop is part of a programme with various Universities around Europe, coordinated by ETRA that will continue throughout 2018 in the frame of ETRA 25th Anniversary. The program will cover all the main issues related to tyre recycling, and will analyse the state of the art, the problems, the technology and market potential.

The Turin event, thanks to the faculties specialisation and the economic context, will be focused on:

v Sustainable Buildings

v Structural Engineering

v Architecture & Design

v Chemical and Materials

v Material and products development for automotive and rail

v Sport applications

The event will be divided in two moments:

- Morning: presentations

- Afternoon: roundtables discussion divided by groups to get comments, suggestions, etc.

- Morning program

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 9.00 Workshop - Part 1
  • 11.00 Coffee Break
  • 11.20 Workshop - Part 2
  • 13.20 Closure of the Seminar

- Afternoon program

In the afternoon sessions 4 tables will be organised to discuss more in detail about the morning presentations and come up with some ideas for product development, new projects, cooperation, etc.

  • 13.30 Light Lunch
  • 14.30 Discussion Groups - the 4 table will be on:
  1. Recycled and ecological building materials and applications, projects and other ways to expand the market

  2. Smart mobility and New materials: rubber and plastic for automotive sector

  3. Improving the use of recycled rubber : Compounds, Devulcanisation, direct moulding, etc.

  4. Sport Sector: New materials for / from Artificial Turfs, how to recycle end of life turfs and new generation of infill materials

  • 17.00 Closure of the meeting

The workshop will offer:

  • - A one morning seminar and four afternoon Discussion Groups
  • - No more than 60 selected participants
  • - Speakers and experts covering critical fields of knowledge
  • - Comparison of different experiences from various bodies and countries
  • - A range of recycled tyre materials, products and applications, that meet the demands Building Sector, and the Industry
  • - Projects and EU funding programs
  • - Networking opportunities
  • - Space is available to display posters, brochures and products

Should you have additional questions or requests, please feel free to contact secretariat@etra-eu.org

- You have to make two separate registrations, one for the morning and one for the afternoon choosing the Table that most interest you
- Language of the seminar English

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