UnLock the News - From Voicing to Acting

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Online performance workshop that explores Newspaper Theatre in the 21st century.

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UnLock the News From Voicing to Acting

we will explore 4 of the 12 techniques of Newspaper Theatre that allow anyone, regardless of theatrical or artistic experience, to create theatre performance immediately from the news. UnLock the News is an international online performance workshop that explores Newspaper Theatre in the 21st century. Using video conferencing technology and social media we can take Newspaper Theatre to a new frontier and co create across borders.

Why Should I Join Workshop?

To learn, practice and perform with a global community.

To gain greater awareness of social construct.

To see our own state of the world at this time with fresh eyes.

To experience, learn and communicate from the heart.

What Is Newspaper Theatre?

Brazilian visionary theatre maker Augusto Boal, developed his

Newspaper Theater Manifesto in the midst of the military dictatorship in Brazil. It is the first technique of the Theatre of the Oppressed, and while the idea of performing the news was not new, Boal’s praxis of aesthetics of liberation, was and still is, a fresh approach to why and how to do theatre.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Trainers, facilitators, consultants, educators, students, educators, artists and all those that would like to explore with creativity what is behind the news. No prior experience in theatre, or news, is required.

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