Un aperitivo con Peter Merholz

Un aperitivo con Peter Merholz

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The atomic unit of design is the team

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An Ask Me Anything Aperitivo with Peter Merholz

Who's Peter?

Peter Merholz has worked at the intersection of design, technology, and humans for over 25 years. He co-founded Adaptive Path, the premier user experience consultancy, acquired by Capital One in 2014.

Since leaving Adaptive Path, he’s worked as a design leader and executive, leading teams at Groupon, OpenTable, Jawbone, Capital One, Snagajob (now Snag), and Kaiser Permanente.

In 2016 he co-wrote Org Design for Design Orgs, still the premier book on building in-house design teams.

Org Design for Design Orgs

In 2015 Kristin Skinner and Peter realized that there was hunger for guidance on how to build in-house design teams, and almost no resources for design leaders to support them in this effort.

They wrote Org Design for Design Orgs, which came out in 2016, and is still the only book focused on this subject.

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