Scalable microservices with Java Spring and Docker
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Scalable microservices with Java Spring and Docker

Scalable microservices with Java Spring and Docker

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Copernico Milano centrale

via Copernico, 38

20125 Milano


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This is a one-day workshop, designed for software developers and solution architects.

For coding, we will use Java, so a previous experience is preferable but not mandatory.

The workshop is organized in 4 sections:

1- Microservices

  • What are microservices?

  • From a monolith architecture to a microservices architecture

  • Microservices design: main patterns and best practices

  • Develop our first microservice with Java Spring: ROT13

2- Docker

  • Introduction to Docker

  • Working with Docker images from Docker Hub

  • Run our first application by CLI

  • Build a customized images by a Dockerfile

  • Deploy a complex application through Docker Compose

  • Basics of Docker networking

3 - Put all together

  • Build a Docker image for our ROT13 microservice and publish it on Docker Hub

  • Use Docker Compose for deploying a cluster of ROT13 microservices with an HAProxy load balancer

  • Monitor our ROT13 microservice with CAdvisor

  • Scaling containers by docker-compose CLI

  • Using continuous integration with our ROT13 microservice with Jenkins

4 - Extras

  • Continuous integration by Jenkins and Github

The language of the workshop depends on the target audience (Italian or English language) but all the contents will be in English language


Federico Michele Facca

Technical Manager and Chief Architect in large ICT projects: COIN, Infinity, SemanticGov, SUperhub and XIFI.
He is among the core technical figures in the FIWARE programme and a strong advocate of Open Source solutions (e.g. OpenStack, Apache Hadoop, Kubernates, Docker, ...). His expertise covers Cloud computing architectures and their application to different fields, e.g. Big data, Internet of Things, Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure. Now, he is Head of Martel Lab, joined Martel in January 2016.

Alessandro Maria Martellone

Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience, with an interest about Open Source projects and Cloud technologies. He works at Würth Phoenix where he is mainly involved on the development of sales force automation software products, based on Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions. He also supervises the technical activities of Elastico. Previously, as Cloud Engineer and OpenStack Technical Instructor at Create-Net, he had the opportunity to gain experience in IT project management and business consulting.

Join us & learn to build modern applications with microservices!

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Data e ora


Copernico Milano centrale

via Copernico, 38

20125 Milano


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