Pointed brush calligraphy

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Pointed brush calligraphy workshop with Chiara Riva - On Line class via Google Meet

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With the term "pointed brush" we indicate the brush with a round section: compared to the tool called "brush-pen", more like a felt-tip pen, the round-tip brush responds with greater sensitivity to variations in pressure and its superior elasticity allows us to draw clear and fluid signs. Using different techniques it is possible to give the strokes a lively and dynamic character; the letters can vary in height, weight and spacing, they can be manipulated or change appearance according to the rhythm you want to achieve. Dedicated to those who know Italic hand and Italic with the brush pen.

Class Schedule: We will meet Fri November 27, 2020 (from 07:30 PM to 08:30 PM Rome Time), Sat November 28 & Sun November 29 2020, from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM Rome Time and Sat December 05 & Sun December 06 2020, from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM Rome Time. Our first meeting is a brief intro and dry-run test call for about an hour.

Course instruction officially begins Saturday November 28.

This is a LIVE class, which is recorded for your enjoyment and review, then uploaded to a Google Class Room dedicated.

If you ever have to miss a class, you can always check back later to watch what you missed and practice at your own pace. Live classes allow the student to interact with the teacher and each other.

The video links will be available for 2 months, after that the link will expire. The link is personal, please don't share it.

The Google ClassRoom will be our virtual classroom for every time we meet and allow us to interact each other in easy way. When the link and intro email is sent to you, click the link, which will open a web page in your web browser.

MIN 10 MAX 20 participants


Material included in registration fee:

- Handouts in PDF- Video recording available for 2 months. - Video extra: video close up, in order to have a different perspective of brush movements during letters execution

Workshop Program:

- basic strokes and manipulation technique (exercise: recovering while performing the basic strokes)

- lowercase alphabet (exercise: pangram or alphabet)

- capital letters (exercise: words with capital letters)

- rhythms and mediums (final exercise: title or text composition)


- Buy the Workshop

- Three days before the Workshop, you will receive the PDF handout and your personal address to access the Classroom Google and the Google meet link by email.


-Level of experience required: Intermediate Level - You can be part of this class if you have a basic experience with Italic calligraphy and/or italic with brush pen.

-IMPORTANT: for registration into the classroom is needed a google email that must be provided at registration time

- using CHROME browser, Google Meet don't work well on other browsers

SUPPLY LIST (Not included in registration fee) US SHOP: www.johnnealbooks.com/ • ITALY SHOP: www.calligraphystore.it

• Pentel color brush with at least 3 refills (dark color)

• Canson® XL® Croquis Sketchpad croquis" or similar, lightweight, 90 gsm, ivory colour, acid-free paper with plenty of bulk, ideal for quick sketches or studies in pencil, pastel, charcoal, sanguine.

• HB pencil and eraser

• 30 cm ruler

• Round paint brush n. 6, recommended Borciani&Bonazzi (800 series Mongoose synthetic UNICO, round, nickel plated brass ferrule, anti-rolling balanced handle)

• high quality gouache or tempera tube

• Watercolor Paint palette

• Dropper

• Water container

• Rags

Optional (only if you have)

• Round paint brushes

• Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White

• Coloured paper like Canson MiTeintes

• rough, smooth paper clippings

• Watercolor paintbox or watercolor tubes and a mixing palette


Chiara Riva, graphic designer, specialized in Italy studied with different Italian and foreign calligraphers. Some of her works have been featured in various publications, including the magazine "Alphabet". Guest of several festivals including Ininco, Torino Graphic Days and Outdoor festival, author of the book "Il senso della linea", she has taught in Italy and in Paris. Lecturer for the Italian Calligraphic Association, he works as a freelance between Milan and Rome.

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