Northern Venice Free Tour - PM

Northern Venice Free Tour - PM

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Discover the real soul of Venice and its hidden gems and wander around the city like an authentic Venetian!

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This free tour will take part in the Northern part of Venice, you will discover the real soul of the city, we will walk around the main districts and talk about the origins of Venice, how the city was built, historical informations and we will reveal curiosities and legends. The free tour then will be enriched by the astonishing monuments, churches, Scuole Grandi (literally schools, in Venice they were confraternity or charity institutions) and beautiful sights of the city, you won’t be disappointed!

We will give you some precious tips about how to organize your stay in Venice and about how to avoid the most common tourist traps, we want you to enjoy Venice like a local, not a tourist! Together, we will see famous sites and we will describe all the architectural beauties and we will also wander around hidden alleys and squares, places that most of visitors miss, there you will see local taverns, small markets, artisan shops, during this free tour you will have the chance to see the real life of Venetians, we will tell you fun facts and we will answer all of your questions.

The free tour will last approx. 2 hours, all directions will be provided at the end by our guides, some suggestions to enjoy your journey in Venice, how to act in a sustainable way. The itinerary may change depending on your tour guide, every guide will personalize the tour according to what they are passionate about, their interests and will try to transmit you the same love for the city and its preservation!

We will also try our best to customize the itinerary according to weather conditions and temperature: our tours are not a standard package, we put all our passion to make this experience a unique one that you won’t forget!

We are waiting for you!

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