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TSH Collab Amsterdam West

335 Jan van Galenstraat

1061 AZ Amsterdam


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Do you want to learn how to write a winning European project proposal?

Are you looking for the latest news about the European programs within the EU 2020 strategy with a budget of 960+ billion euros? How about a preview of the new 2021-2027 Programming with 1020+ billion euros of budget already in the pipeline?


EU Funds are the key financial instrument for innovative projects of development in all sectors and are aimed at associations, public bodies, SMEs, private organizations and now professionals too.

Working as a freelancer, consultant or starting your own EU Funding agency – independently – is what makes this job extremely dynamic

The Master you need to develop innovative skills and obtain European funds.

This Master’s title guarantees direct registration to the European Registry of EU-Project Designers & Manager (Europe Project Forum Foundation –, an independent organization based in Amsterdam which currently counts over 5000 registered professionals.

The fair and sustainable fee is now on sale for 797 € [save 300 €].


The Master is OPEN.

It’s for people with previous experience in EU Funding Projects who want to enhance their knowledge with innovative skills, but also for people new to this fertile field who want to get started with a solid base knowledge and be competitive from the get-go.

  • High School Graduates, College Students, Graduand and Graduates
  • Professionals, Consultants, Freelancers
  • Non-profit Organisations, Consulting Agencies
  • SME Businesses, Trade Associations
  • Researchers and Research Centres
  • Managers and Officials of the Public Administration, Local Authorities, University, Education and Training Institutes

The international master is private, there are no access requirements and you don’t need a qualification. Also, there is no age limit: it’s open to whoever wants to be innovative and eager to learn new things in order to carry out important projects of development in different fields.


You will find the most renowned and accomplished Professionals of the sector, highly experienced with a very advanced know-how.

You will learn-by-doing from the best Professionals in Europe!

Intensive-executive plan: 5 days in the classroom, with interactive lessons and 4 implemented Planning WORKSHOPS based on REAL EU CALLS (Horizon, Creative Europe, Life). [Total hours 32+125]

Put into practice what you learned in the classroom with a final Project Work (6 months/125 hours of actual teaching load) which will allow you to obtain the final Master.


Certificate of Participation and Attendance to the Master.

Final Certificate of the International Master to those who take part to at least 80% of the lessons in class e will pass a final test of implemented EU Projects Designing on a subject of their choosing (a sort of final paper) within 6 months of the end of the lessons.

The final Master allows the direct registration to the EUPF Register of EU-Projects Designers and Managers, Europe Project Forum Foundation – based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) – with more than 5,000 professionals allover Europe.


Become a Successful EU Projects Specialist!

Signing up for the Master of European Projects Design & Management by Europa Innovation Business School is a smart investment on your own future.

The education provided by Europa Innovation Business School is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality standard.

Here’s some great reasons to join:

  1. learn from the most renowned and experienced professionals in the field how to navigate the various direct funds and choose the most suitable for your project, easily finding the necessary papers and acquiring an excellent knowledge of the management systems of European funding sources
  2. find inspirations and ideas for new projects
  3. be more productive thanks to new techniques, tools and working methods
  4. learn how to network, acquire more knowledge from other participants, find potential partners, exchange ideas and seek cooperative solutions to new challenges.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • master Europlanning techniques and the administrative and operational management of projects;
  • apply the know-how acquired in the field of Europlanning, creating real projects;
  • develop a true networking culture.


The Master’s program – 5 days in the classroom + final Project Work – consists of 4 intensive modules with 32 actual hours in the classroom (and over 125 hours on the exclusive online platform

Daily Schedule:

Day 1 h. 9.00 am/2.00 pm

Day 2 h. 9 am/2.30 pm

Day 3 h. 9.00 am /6.00 pm

Day 4 h. 9.00 am/6.00 pm

Day 5 h. 9.00 am/2.00 pm

4 Implemented Planning Workshops based on REAL EU CALLS (Horizon, Creative Europe, Life, Europa for Citizens…)

  • PCM Workshop of Problem Analysis (day 1)
  • PCM Workshop of Planning within a Logical Framework (day 2)
  • Implemented EuroPlanning Workshop (day 4)
  • SWOT Analysis Workshop of Project Ideas (day 5)

Day 1 and Day 2: module 1, PCM Methodology and New Logical Framework

Project-Cycle-Management: management in partnership of the Project-Cycle

Planning phases of the New Logical Framework

Analysis phase: analysing the key actors, the problems and the targets

Planning phase: defining the levels of the Logical Framework, how to act, indicators, analysis of risks, scheduling of the activities

Role of hypothesis in the Logical Framework

Model of the objective tree

Evalutation of external factors

Day 3: module 2, EU Programs and Istitutions – EUROPA 2020, EU Funding 2021-2027 – Multiannual framework program

Overview of the main funding programmes

EU Programming advances 2021-2027

In-depth analysis of a few main programmes: Life 2020, Horizon 2020, Europa Creativa, Istruzione e Formazione, Imprenditorialità 2020, Innovazione e Cambiamento Sociale, Europa per i Cittadini, Erasmus Plus, etc.

Budget lines available in different fields

Sources of information regarding programmes

Key actors, roles and responsibilities: EU institutions and references

Base knowledge of: regulatory procedure, Community acts, EU administrative structure

EU internal policies

Day 4 and Day 5: module 3, Executive Planning – Techniques e Methods

Techniques and methods to draft EU projetcs

Reference papers: work plans, calls, forms

Administrative procedures for the presentation of a project

Planning: actions and work plan

Development of the projects

Matrix of Financeability of a project

Development of an international and local Partnership

Structuring of the project: mission, strategy, coherence with the objectives of the organization

Setting of the budget, eligible expenditure, co-funding

Management of the project: procedure of the project, from start to finish; negotiation and agreement with EU, rules and bonds

Institutional assetts and management models (internal handling, ad hoc structures, steering commettees)

Dissemination of the results

Evalutation: goals, procedures, representatives

Testimony: analysis of successful projects with the help of previously drafted forms (on projects already approved by the European Commision)

Module 4 – Project-Work

Implemented Europlanning workshop based on real EU calls

In-classroom Workshop under the supervision of a professor and a tutor: study and creation of a project based on a real EU open call with guidelines and a form;

Project-Work phase with online Tutoring Service (available exclusively on the platform help with the draft of the project, news and up-to-date info on events and EU calls (for 6 months, or more, at the end of the course – the students, individually or in groups, will draft the form to obteain the master’s final certification).

Training Material

The educational path is supported by specific training material designed by the teaching staff and a wide selection of specific documentation materials, research and information sources on calls and programs, which will be available through exclusive access to the platform iproject.

European Documentation Centres

Regional European Documentation Centres (EDC) will be open to find all the materials, in all European countries.

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TSH Collab Amsterdam West

335 Jan van Galenstraat

1061 AZ Amsterdam


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