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Kick-off a Community for Disruptive and Democratic Social Innovation

Francesco Niglia - KoyS

Mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015 dalle 09:00 alle 09:45 (WEST)

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Condividi Kick-off a Community for Disruptive and Democratic Social Innovation

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This is a 45minutes networking session taking place during the main ICT2015, the biggest event for ICT held by the European Commission, this year held in Lisbon (Portugal)

This session wants to establish a Community nurturing ideas, policies and solutions for ICT-based tools detecting, monitoring, supporting and governing a specific sector of the Social Innovation, characterised by the capability to modify the market (Disruptive) by enabling people to freely act, react and participate in the innovation (Democratic).

Democratic Innovation is a mandatory approach, taking into account the growing importance of citizens' role in decision making and policy shaping processes, and the need to provide more inclusive and cross-cultural modalities for innovation to take place. This theme will be addressed by envisioning and planning deployment of dedicated ICT solutions, and also by adoption and integration of techniques which are able to create effective cultural impacts, such as the arts and creativity, in syncretic collaboration with sciences and technologies. The result will be to extend opportunities for breakthrough innovation which are closer to people.

A first set of tools, collected through a public call for ideas and shared by the organisers, will create the ground for an open debate during the session, enabling the Community to kick-start the activities, enabling new combinations in the social and technology domain as well as opening the doors to new business models. 

Attendants’ participation is mandatory since the session will be include an open debate about the ideas and questions gathered during the call for ideas, an online campaign running until mid October. The 8 best contributes will be selected as trigger-subjects (2mins talk each) of an open debate that will deliver an “instant feedback” by the audience. The engagement of people will be ran through two different channels: a Q&A session and the “instant voting” by expressing a feedback selecting a coloured card among 3 [green, yellow, red]. The ‘greener’ issues will base the initial topics of a new online community, initially composed by sessions’ participants.

A double impact is sought:

1) on participants, who will be engaged in forming an aggregated group, to be addressed through follow-up initiatives, such the enlargement of the current LinkedIn group and ‘meet-up’ during international events;

2) on the Communities thanks to lists of ideas to be submitted to experts for peer review and provided at the attention of the E.C. These will include a series of indications and concepts for the social innovation and cooperation sectors, and in the areas of innovation through arts/creativity/sciences/technologies (for example in collaboration with the upcoming STARTS program), producing inclusive processes for disruptive innovation in interdisciplinary modalities.

We invite any interested people to contribute to our call for ideas to be discussed during the session, and taking part to the online debate.

The (evolving) agenda will maximise the participation of people, thanks to the support and the experience of the Impact Hub:

09:00 – 09:10  Introduction by organisers (Carrera, Iaconesi, Niglia)

09:10 – 09:30 Ideas sharing and instant feedback

09:30 – 09:40 Questions and Answers

09:40 – 09:45 Wrap up and kick-off the Community



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Quando e dove

Centro de Congressos de Lisboa
Praça das Indústrias 1300-307
within ICT2015

Mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015 dalle 09:00 alle 09:45 (WEST)

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Francesco Niglia - KoyS

Francesco Niglia is a researcher mainly dealing with the analysis of impact of innovation policies; he has actively been engaged in the modelling of innovation ecosystems and strategies, through different fields of application. Currently Francesco is focusing his research on Corporate Social Responsibility and industrial RRI perspectives, through two key assignments as main researcher at the CORE Lab in the University of Salento and as director of the RRI Lab at DASIC in the Link Campus University. Notably, he was a member of the advisory board of IESI Mapping project and the Democratic and Disruptive Social Innovation Community manager. He is also member of the European Skills/Competences, qualification and Occupation Board and delivered two European Standards for the CEN – European Committee for Standardization. 

Francesco supports the project MARINA the "Marine Knowledge Sharing platform for federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities" in its exploitation path.

Furthermore, Francesco is the CEO and Research Director of KOYSLab, a start-up developing and validating models for public services and social innovation in socio-economic environments.

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