Garden Masterclass - "Learning from Nature"

Garden Masterclass - "Learning from Nature"

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Palazzo della Ragione, Sala dei Giuristi

Piazza Vecchia



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transferring templates of natural vegetation to make an artistic and harmonious horticultural plant community

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In modern planting design natural plant communities and habitats are often used as templates and reference models for designed plantings. A major question is how to substitute plants that grow in these reference communities with more attractive and well behaved cultivated varieties. We will look at various aspects of what planting patterns and repetitions in the design will evoke the most naturalistic effects and what are the possible number of species that are appropriate for various situations. We will also consider how the planting will develop long-term.

Cassian's presentation will take us through the steps necessary to achieve an effective design, one that presents an enhanced and stylized version of nature, with a focus on plant distribution – especially matrix planting, but referencing layered planting, mosaic and group distribution. Bettina will concentrate on mixed planting styles and how to select plants for randomised combinations. Noel will focus on plant architecture and growth habits and the implications for the long-term potential of plantings.

Participants will have the chance to experience an exclusive view behind the scenes of plantings at the Green Square. In the afternoon session they will design their own versions, when we will split into small groups, working with a plan of a section of the green square and images of a preselected plant palette. Each group will develop their own version for potential presentation to others, with a plan, plant performance calendar and a cross-section. Cassian, Bettina and Noel will circulate amongst the groups giving advice and support.

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