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#Fishing #tour Ionian sea #Apulia | #Pesca turismo Mar Ionio #Puglia #Italy

Evento giornaliero: 09:00 a 12:00 (CET)

#Fishing #tour Ionian sea #Apulia | #Pesca turismo Mar...

Condividi #Fishing #tour Ionian sea #Apulia | #Pesca turismo Mar Ionio #Puglia #Italy

Dettagli evento

Fishing tour at the price of € 40.00 per person in the Ionic sea of Taranto starting at 18.00 (ends time 00.00) in the Spring and Summer

In the Summer the fishing tour takes also place at 10.30 and 15.30 on Saturdays and Sundays, and it lasts 4 hours included of lunch or dinner on board.

The fishing tour takes place from 3 to 5 miles off the islands Cheradi depths of mixed Posidonia and rocks.

Lunch or dinner is included in the price! 

Departs from Pier Giuseppe Garibaldi - St Joseph's Church, in Taranto. 
If you are not based in Taranto, but you would like to book the transfer or the accommodation in the Taranto area contact us any time


  • Observation, comments and clarifications on the exercise of professional fishing with nets.
  • Navigating the Rada - Capo San Vito - Industrial harbor - Multipurpose Pier - Cheradi Islands;
  • Output in the Gulf through the mouth leading Rondinella;
  • Cala of the fishing gear at sea.
  • Dinner on board;                    
  • Exercise aboard the vessel of angling;
  • Observation clarifications comment on the exercise of professional fishing with gillnets or longlines;
  • Return to the bay from the mouth of Punta Rondinella;
  • Crossing the Waterway;
  • Navigation in the 1st bosom of the Mar Piccolo

Lunch or dinner menu

  • Appetizer with fried mussels and cheese;
  • Cavatelli with seafood;
  • Fried prawns, squid and squid, mullet. puptegna mussels;
  • Mussels in tomato sauce with crostini;
  • Cakes;
  • White wine;
  • All drinks included (water, cola, orange juice, beer);
  • Coffee;
  • Bitter and spirits of their own production, grappa

Tips & Tricks

Please respect the time coming 10 minutes in advance

Please respect the environment

Please print the booking or present it in PDF

We are not responsible for schedule changes due to weather problems

Please wear comfortable shoes

Please notify us of any food allergies

Please notify us by calling on 0039 320 82 53 155 or email in case of delays or cancellations

We thank all those who have contributed to the creation of this event


For further information please see the link

Contact us for booking or enquries:

Twitter: @benvenutipuglia

IT 0039 320 82 53 155 (WhatsApp)

UK 0044 798 11 54 094 (WhatsApp)

CH 0041 791 207 117 (WhatsApp)



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Evento giornaliero: 09:00 a 12:00 (CET)

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Local Puglia community dealing with holidays property; travelling activities like wine and oil tasting, cookery classes, pottery courses; individual and group guided tours; fishing tour; holidays services such catering and party planning, airport transfer; wedding planning. Contact us any time for your requests. We will help you out! Discover Puglia in Italy with a simple booking!

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