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English Tour – Bosca Underground Cathedrals 1:00 p.m

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Cantine Bosca

via G B Giuliani 23

14053 Canelli


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Book a personal visit to our cellar

Our Underground Cathedrals are Unesco’s World Heritage Site of Humankind, but above all they are a work location where our cellar masters daily operate to let our spumante magically release all its flavors.

All collected personal details and the compliance with required rules of conduct will safely let you into our cellars protecting not only you but also those with you, our products and any other item, letting you enjoy the quiet atmosphere of this enchanted location.

Our Undergroud Cathedral is in Street G.B.Giuliani 23, Canelli

In our tour we will tell you our Story, the Tradition and Innovation

During the visit you will find the process of our Traditional Method, called “ The Grand Father’s Reserve”, the Story of the Bosca Family and you may know a small part of the History of Canelli town. Let’s inspire in our Undreground Cathedral declaired a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The tour lasts about 35 minutes, at the end of the tour you may find 3 Charmat Method, free

At the end of the tour you will find our shop with wines, sparkling and gadgets

For your safety, please strictly follow the next rules:

We have a stairs, we don’t have elevator

In the cellar it will be possible take a picture, not video at the video,

In the cellar there are 15* degrees

Smoking is not allowed in any place and in the Cellars

Please go down in the Cellars only with our guide without leaving the group

Please don’t touch the exhibits and the bottles

Please stay below the barriers

Kids may go down in the Cellars only if accompanied by an adult holding their hands during the whole visit

For any requests, please feel free to ask the guide who will help you to meet your demands

In case of emergency, please keep calm and follow your guide who will lead you to the nearest exit

Thanking you for your attention, we wish you an unforgettable visit

Information at : / +39 3357996811

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Cantine Bosca

via G B Giuliani 23

14053 Canelli


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