Artistic tour in Nuoro...Sardinian Art center

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We will meet in a sugestive coffe bar to meet each other and show the itinerary. Later we will go visit a museo of Sardinian culture to discover the original concept of art of the last 2 centuryies in Sardinia. Succesively we will go visit some shop where we will meet artist that realize object ispired both to tradition and new trends; so looking their creation like clothes, ceramics and jewels we can will undestandnhow the sardinian culture of art is changed during last years. We will have a lunch in restaurant where we can will try new taste cooked by artistic chef using very local food. Later we can undestand how life style in sardinia in changed in the last 2 century visiting the house of the nobel writter Grazia Deledda. In the end we will go to have an aperitivo were we can will discover the traditional taste in a coffe shop/ atelier where observe the creation of local artists and realize to get inspiration to create a new artistic object with her.

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