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Advanced Open Source Intelligence Gathering with Maltego

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IHECS Academy

27 Rue des Grands Carmes

1000 Bruxelles


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Course Schedule:

23 March: 14-19.30 pm

24 March: 9.00-13-30-15-18

25 March: 9.00-13-30-15-18

--------The course will be held in English---------



The advanced Maltego/ Social Links training program will teach participants a systematical, methodological approach to design, setup, and conduct investigations through open sources. We will show a practical, hands-on training that will give the students all the skills and tools they need to do an effective Open Source Intelligence research and analysis achieving good, reliable results. Participants will return home with all the abilities they need to execute a correct Internet Search by using Maltego (Paterva) and Social Links.

The use of Maltego/Social Links is of absolute importance for all the professionals who use open sources to carry on investigations and especially for journalists as they more than others need to get the “big picture” hidden in certain details.

Open Source Intelligence requires in-depth investigations capable of dealing with a complex universe of facts and events. Therefore a software that can piece together all these details as crucial importance to online investigators that are required to discover hidden scenarios and occult wrongdoings.

Social Links, in particular, is one of the most advanced software available for the SOCMINT world which is extremely important nowadays as Facebook Graph has been shut down and there are not other high-performance software with affordable prices that allow journalists and digital investigators to perform Facebook Investigations.


Understanding OSINT (theoretical and technical aspects);

  • Setting and preparation of Maltego Dashboard
  • Entities and transforms Maltego bread and butter
  • DNS Intelligence by using the Paterva CTAS
  • Importing CSV and datasheet in Maltego
  • Maltego as Visual Investigative Scenario
  • integrating Maltego with DNS Intelligence platforms and Google Dorks
  • Using Social Link to investigate Facebook profiles
  • Using Social Links to Investigate Twitter profiles
  • Incorporating Graph Queries in Maltego Through Scraping
  • Incorporating Twitter manual queries in Maltego Through Scraping
  • How to get companies information around the world by using Social Links
  • Maltego as Personal Search Engine
  • Profiling people and organizations

Course Program

The course will be taught in a practical way to make sure that students understand how to apply the theory in practice. At the end of each module will be performed live exercises in order to allow participants to see the real thing.

The program will be discussed the following topics: Domain Name Intelligence, queries building, email tracking, personal digital security, the Investigative Dashboard, Maltego, and Social Links entities and transforms.

Who Should Take this Course

The techniques and methodology explained during this course apply to almost anyone interested in gathering information and gaining intelligence through the Internet. People belonging to these sectors will benefit greatly:

Online Investigators
Risk Management Professionals
Corporate Investigators
Diplomatic staff and foreign affairs professionals

Student Requirements

Basic knowledge of Information Technology and attitude to the use of IT tools.

Basic knowledge of Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence


It is possible also to make the payment by wire transfer

Please contact leo reitano at agi@fastmail.fm

What Students Should Bring

Students must come with a modern laptop configured with the following software:

Google Chrome (latest version)
Microsoft Office or equivalent software (Open Office)
Maltego XL client

Further setup instructions will be sent to the students that will enroll in the training

What Students Will Be Provided With

All the slides will be made accessible through an eLearning website along with reference sheets, bookmarks, and online resources:

  • Powerpoint slides
  • Maltego XL (15 days License)
  • Social Links (15 days License)
  • Bookmarks
  • Video Tutorials

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IHECS Academy

27 Rue des Grands Carmes

1000 Bruxelles


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