ATON: an open-source framwork for creating liquid 3D web-app for CH

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ATON is an open-source framework based on node.js to create Web3D apps interactiinteracting with CH objects and 3D scenes on the Web.

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Title: ATON: un framework open-source per la creazione di web-app 3D liquide per i BBCC

Author: Bruno Fanini



Within the conference will be training workshops on "emerging tools and methods in the field of FLOS for archaeology".

The list of workshops and the application form is available here. Don't forget to subscribe to get your place.

Participation is subject to availability among the applications that will be received by October 1, 2020. Each workshop will be activated when the first 7 participants are reached. The timetable of the activated workshops will be published on October 2nd on this page (in any case in the time slot 17-19).



We witnessed large advancements within presentation and dissemination of interactive Web3D scenes on desktop and mobile browsers using web technologies and recent standards like WebXR. Web browsers are available on virtually all computing devices, thus users can consume Web3D experiences without being forced to install any third-party software, as long as an internet connection or local access point is available. With the rise of web standards combined with faster browsers and better hardware integration, it is now possible to create engaging web-applications targeting the Cultural Heritage field.

ATON is an open-source framework based on node.js to create Web3D apps (presenters, applied games, tools, immersive VR apps, etc…) interacting with CH objects and 3D scenes on the Web. It adopts a “develop once, deploy everywhere” approach, automatically adapting to mobile, desktop PCs, museum kiosks and immersive VR devices.

The framework is already been employed for interactive visualization of 3D terrain datasets in European infrastructures, presentation of 3D museum collections, applied games (3D puzzles) for CH re-contextualization, advanced semantic interrogation, advanced integration with mobile hardware (compass, microphone, etc…) and cross-device collaborative experiences.

ATON-based applications do not require any installation for final users, with its front-end automatically adapting to the user device (mobile, desktop/kiosk or immersive VR). Furthermore the framework offers an easy and scalable deployment ranging from low-cost access points for museums (e.g. single-board PCs) up to large research infrastructures.

Such modular framework offers a simple but powerful API to manipulate scene-graphs, easy customization of event handling for rich interactions and a scalable rendering system with responsive interfaces. Advanced functionalities like complex rendering of 3D objects and virtual environments, camera (POV) management, real-time collaborative features, visual/immersive analytics and integration with complex multimedia content are just a few examples of what can be achieved with this open-source (GPL v3) framework developed by CNR ISPC.

The workshop will focus on the steps to get started with ATON and deploy sample web-applications on local PCs, single-board computers or servers, including real-time collaborative (multi-user) features offered by the framework.


Technical requirements

il framework è compatibile con tutti gli OS (linux, windows, Mac OS). I pc dovranno essere dotati di comuni schede grafiche (possibilmente fascia medio-alta) e web-browsers. Le fasi di setup richiederanno la semplice installazione di node.js (disponibile su tutti gli OS)

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