7 Days Tantra Retreat a Journey into Love, Madrid Spain

7 Days Tantra Retreat a Journey into Love, Madrid Spain

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Finca el castillo

17 Calle de los Poyales

28750 La Cabrera


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This retreat is the gate to re-connect with your essence, your truth and to others..

About this event

A Journey into the Self and into the Love..

This retreat is the gate that will bring you to re-connect with your essence, to your truth and to the realm of the others.

It is an opportunity to explore different physical and spiritual practices that you can then integrate into your daily life; it’s a life time gift you can give yourself.

Take the time to dive within, take the time to feel what really is essential in this existence, what is there for us to experience and learn from it?

This existence is not a race..

It is there to be experienced by our soul and senses..

As humans we are not here to compete with each other, quite the contrary, we are here to empower each other, to learn and share, as we are all here living this present moment..

Take this time to embrace yourself as a whole and truly connect with the others, the nature and the existence.

Once we connect to the self, we connect to the source. And once we connect to the source, we connect to the whole.

This retreat is for both Binary and non Binary, Man and Woman, couples or single participants. Anyone above the age of 18 years is welcome to join and be part of this transformational journey.

In the Journey into the Self and into the Love, we will dive into our own being and explore the ways that lead us to our authentic self, the meanings to connect with our truth and use this magic to then bond truthfully and communicate openly with our partners, our friends and our community.

We will explore different practices to get in touch with our physical and energetical bodies, we will learn how to interact consciously with our physiology and Nadis. We will do this through Yoga Asana, Breathwork, Cold-Therapy, Nada Yoga, Tantra, Yoga and Pranayama.

We will adapt different approaches in order to embrace and let go of emotions or traumas. We will be using emotional release techniques and explore our boundaries and desires, we'll practice how to respect them and how to become aware of what is or what is not really ours, what might be preventing us from experiencing the existence at its fullest.

In this journey we will give the importance that our breath and senses deserve, we will embrace the qualities of nature and see how we can express them in our daily life and intimacy..

We will connect with our sexual energy without fear or shame, stepping away from social conditioning, and explore the ways we can express it.

We will be learning how to move the sexual energy up and throughout the body instead of focusing on release.

Come explore conscious touch and communication, these two great tools we have as humans to express our truth, our wants and needs, as well as tuning into the boundaries and desires of others.

Connect to the body through dance and authentic movement, Yoga Asana, Cold Therapy and much more..

A safe container to fully explore and connect with our truth. A space for growth, trust and transformation where we can drop our old patterns and preconceptions and just dive fully into the present moment, giving space to our authentic self so that it can be expressed.

Everyday we will have practices from morning to evening, with breaks in between sessions for delicious healthy veg meals, to rest and integrate and to enjoy the venue. Some of the days we will go out into nature together..

If you have any specific allergies for food, other requirements or further inquiries please let us know!

• 8.00 am to 10.00 am Morning practice (self practices)

• 10.00am -11.00 am Breakfast

• 11.00 am – 1.00 pm Active meditation/group and partner practices

• 1.00 pm -3.00 pm Lunch

• 3:00 pm – 5.30 pm Active meditation/group and partner practices

• Sharing circle or pods and Tea Break 5.45 pm -7.00

• 7.00 pm -8.30 pm Dinner

• 8.30 pm -10.30 pm sharing or Group Practices

(this is general info about the program itinerary, timings may change, on some of the days we will have day trips in nature)

Venue: La Finca el Castillo, 28750 La Cabrera, Madrid, Spain

The property is surrounded by gorgeous mountain view ,gardens and nature.

Accommodation options vary, some are inside the Castle, others in a house that is within the property and for those that love camping there will be the option of staying in tents in the gardens of the property.

There is a swimming pool for you to enjoy during your free time and a stunning mountain view over looking the surrounding Spanish countryside.


Alessandro Di Benedetto - has been hosting and teaching transformational journeys internationally, He is a Tantra Teacher and Holistic Trainer dedicated to the awakening of human consciousness.

In his teachings he combines years of experiences, continuous studies, training and practices.

Driven by the passion for learning, exploring and self-development he has been traveling, working and studying around the globe for the past 9 years having the chance to work closely with humans from all walks of life.

Alessandro is really committed to Sadhana "self-practice" and during his life has been diving into Yoga, Tantra, various Meditations, Muay Thai and Indian Classical music

He combines the spiritual teachings of Tantra - Yoga with breathwork practices, awareness of movement and Cold therapy.

He believe that as humans we are able to do a lot more than we are taught, by embracing a conscious and 'healthy' life-style, rediscovering the importance of nature in our lives and using the great gifts that nature gave us..we can get back to our natural state..

During his retreats he creates a safe space for participants to enter in a constant dynamic meditation and to fully explore the self and connect with others from an authentic space

His aim is to inspire people giving them the right tools to create their own reality and reach their higher potentials, creating a general strength and faith in humanity.

More details on: www.naturcura.com

IG @naturcura


Contact: www.naturcura.com

Email: naturcurainfo@gmail.com

ig : naturcura

7 Days Tantra Retreat a Journey into Love, Madrid Spain image
7 Days Tantra Retreat a Journey into Love, Madrid Spain image
7 Days Tantra Retreat a Journey into Love, Madrid Spain image
7 Days Tantra Retreat a Journey into Love, Madrid Spain image

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